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Publications of the Journal of Medieval Latin

Editors: Michael Herren Robert Getz Alexander Andrée Gregory Hays
Publishing Manager: Julian Yolles
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ISSN 2033-883X

Method of peer review
single-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

Latin Language, Medieval Latin, Linguistics, Medieval Latin Literature, Literary history and criticism, Latin Poetry, Medieval Manuscripts, Latin Christian Literature, Anglo-Latin Literature, Documents, Literacy, Cultural History

Accepted Language(s):
English, French

Accepts Contributions in Open Access


The Publications of the Journal of Medieval Latin (PJML) was founded in 1997 as a venue for original book-length studies in the general field of Medieval Latin language and literature. These may include bibliographies, monographs, Festschriften, conference proceedings or other collections, textual studies, and new critical editions with facing-page translations. In keeping with the policies of the Journal, submissions may be written in either English or French


    Publications Editors
    Michael W. Herren, York University and University of Toronto
    Robert Getz, University of Toronto
    Alexander Andrée, University of Toronto
    Gregory Hays, University of Virginia

    Journal Editor
    Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

    Review Editor
    Tristan Major, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

    Founding Editor
    Michael W. Herren, York University and University of Toronto

    Associate Editors
    Alexander Andrée, University of Toronto
    Robert Getz, University of Toronto
    Andrew Hicks, Cornell University
    Bernice M. Kaczynski, McMaster University
    John Magee, University of Toronto
    Tristan Major, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
    Jean Meyers, University of Montpellier
    Stephen Pelle, University of Toronto
    Gernot Wieland, University of British Columbia

    Advisory Board
    Walter Berschin, University of Heidelberg
    James P. Carley, York University and PIMS
    Paolo Chiesa, University of Milan
    Michael Lapidge, Clare College Cambridge
    Danuta Shanzer, University of Vienna
    Brian Stock, University of Toronto
    Jan M. Ziolkowski, Harvard University


    Languages accepted: English, French

    Series-specific guidelines published on the series website:

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.
    We ask for a specialist report by an external expert and a report from a board member working in the field - this could be anyone on either of the Journal's boards.

    Submissions should be addressed to the Editorial Board:
    Prof. M. Herren
    Department of Humanities, Vanier College
    York University
    4700 Keele St.
    Toronto, ON.
    M3J 1P3

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Canterbury Glosses from the School of Theodore and Hadrian

The Leiden Glossary Michael Lapidge
ISBN 978-2-503-60858-7 PJML 17 | 2023 € 135,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-60271-4 € 135,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Crafting Knowledge in the Early Medieval Book

Practices of Collecting and Concealing in the Latin West Sinéad O'Sullivan, Ciaran Arthur (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-60247-9 PJML 16 | 2023 € 115,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-60248-6 € 115,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Omnium Magistra Virtutum

Studies in Honour of Danuta Shanzer Andrew Cain, Gregory Hays (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-59844-4 PJML 15 | 2022 € 95,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-59845-1 € 95,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Latin Love Elegy and the Dawn of the Ovidian Age

A Study of the Versus Eporedienses and the Latin Classics Marek Thue Kretschmer
ISBN 978-2-503-58703-5 PJML 14 | 2020 € 80,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-58704-2 € 80,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Hope Allen's Writings Ascribed to Richard Rolle: A Corrected List of Copies

A. I. Doyle Ɨ, Ralph Hanna
ISBN 978-2-503-58481-2 PJML 13 | 2019 € 65,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-58482-9 € 65,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Merovingian Letters and Letter Writers

Alice Tyrrell
ISBN 978-2-503-58358-7 PJML 12 | 2019 € 100,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-58359-4 € 100,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Teaching and Learning in Medieval Europe

Essays in Honour of Gernot R. Wieland Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Tristan Major (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-56843-0 PJML 11 | 2017 € 100,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-56844-7 € 100,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

The Relatio metrica de duobus ducibus

A Twelfth-Century Cluniac Poem on Prayer for the Dead Christopher A. Jones, Scott G. Bruce
ISBN 978-2-503-56827-0 PJML 10 | 2016 € 100,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

The Bayeux Tapestry. Bayeux, Médiathèque municipale: Ms. 1

A Sourcebook Shirley Ann Brown
ISBN 978-2-503-54917-0 PJML 9 | 2014 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

The Cosmography of Aethicus Ister

Edition, Translation, and Commentary Michael Herren (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-53577-7 PJML 8 | 2011 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

Nota Bene

Reading Classics and Writing Melodies in the Early Middle Ages Jan M. Ziolkowski
ISBN 978-2-503-52534-1 PJML 7 | 2007 € 60,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

Insignis Sophiae Arcator

Medieval Latin Studies in Honour of Michael Herren on his 65th Birthday Gernot R. Wieland, Carin Ruff, Ross G. Arthur (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-51425-3 PJML 6 | 2006 € 55,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-53827-3 € 55,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Latin Culture in the Eleventh Century

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Medieval Latin Studies Cambridge, 9-12 September 1998 M.W. Herren, Christopher J. McDonough, R.G. Arthur (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-51255-6 PJML 5 | 2002 € 50,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-53828-0 € 50,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Anglo-Latin and its Heritage

Essays in Honour of A.G. Rigg on his 64th Birthday S. Echard, G.R. Wieland (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-50838-2 PJML 4 | 2001 € 30,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-53826-6 € 30,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Incipitarium Ovidianum

F.T. Coulson, B. Roy
ISBN 978-2-503-50785-9 PJML 3 | 2000 € 50,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

Walter of Châtillon's 'Alexandreis'. Epic and the Problem of Historical Understanding

M.K. Lafferty
ISBN 978-2-503-50576-3 PJML 2 | 1998 € 50,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)

A Handlist of the Latin Writers of Great Britain and Ireland before 1540, with Additions and Corrections

R. Sharpe
ISBN 978-2-503-50575-6 PJML 1 | 1997 € 95,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback)