About Brepols

Brepols is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities, with a particular focus in history, archaeology, history of the arts, language and literature, and critical editions of source works.

Our mission

We commit ourselves to producing high-quality, distinguished publications that will have a lasting scholarly impact, and whether we are producing traditional printed volumes or Open Access e-books or -journals, we guarantee that all our publications will share the same stamp of quality.

Our publications include the Brepols, Harvey Miller and Corpus Christianorum imprints, and we are home to world-leading academic databases via our BREPOLiS platform, as well as distributing print and e-books on behalf of our editorial partners.

An entirely independent firm since our establishment in 1796, we play an active role in the scholarly community, running our own research centre in Turnhout, and we abide by a strict code of ethics.

Brepols offices

Brepols has been founded in 1796 and is located in a 17th century building of the historic beguinage of Turnhout. We have offices in Thessaloniki and an editorial presence in the UK and the USA.

Our locations

Corpus Christianorum Library & Knowledge Centre

The CTLO, a centre for computer-assisted research of classical languages, is also organised by Brepols and is housed in the Corpus Christianorum Library & Knowledge Centre.

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Editorial team

Brepols can draw upon a team of Publishing Managers who are often subject specialists in their own right and can offer outstanding support to the scholarly bodies with whom they work. The Publishing Managers are in central control of all aspects of the publishing of a product, from the embryo of a project to its creation and delivery before the eyes of the world.

It is standard practice for each product to be supervised by an Editorial Board and international advisory committee, with the support of a respected institution or academic society. Standards are ensured through peer-review and independent reports are commissioned on proposals for acceptance.

Editorial team

Reliable academic publisher

In order to improve its customer service Brepols has implemented a fully-integrated administration system that will turn Brepols into one of the most reliable academic publishing houses worldwide. Brepols' online catalogue is updated daily using the information from the inhouse system.

A partnership with Brepols is beneficial both to the author of material for publication and to the end-user and customer.

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Brepols’ marketing team strives to ensure that all publications get the attention they are due. Brepols’ pricing policy aims at fairness, and a longterm vision, balancing the needs of the academic suppliers with the needs of purchasers and the optimal method and medium of delivery.