Publishing with Brepols

Brepols publishes world-class academic research, with a particular focus in history, archaeology, history of the arts, language and literature, and critical editions of source works. Our publications include the Brepols, Harvey Miller and Corpus Christianorum imprints, and we are home to world-leading academic databases via our BREPOLiS platform, as well as distributing print and e-books on behalf of our editorial partners. An entirely independent firm since our establishment in 1796, we play an active role in the scholarly community, running our own research centre in Turnhout, and we abide by a strict code of ethics. We commit ourselves to producing high-quality, distinguished publications that will have a lasting scholarly impact, and whether we are producing traditional printed volumes or Open Access e-books, we guarantee that all our books will share the same stamp of quality .

Brepols as a Research partner

Brepols is an experienced partner in both national and international research projects, and our involvement often goes beyond the publication of material in print and online. Our marketing team regularly collaborates with researchers, providing their expertise to ensure the effective dissemination of research, while our IT-team can handle or contribute to the development of new projects. Above all, Brepols can bring sustainability to projects, offering major research both a long-term home and an afterlife.

A supportive service

Our aim is to help you publish work with an outstanding academic reputation, and we pride ourselves on the support we can offer to our authors from the moment you first contact us with a proposal. All publications are managed by our supportive team of publishing managers, who are often subject specialists in their own right and who understand what it is like to work in an academic setting. The same publishing manager will work alongside you at every step of the publication process to ensure clear and effective communication. We would be delighted to meet you in person, whether at your university, our offices (where we can even provide free accommodation at our Turnhout office if needed), or on location at conferences, and we can also offer a number of different ways of working with you remotely, including e-mail, telephone, and video-link.

Quality assured, value added

All Brepols volumes are extensively peer reviewed to ensure they meet the most stringent scholarly criteria. Each of our book series is supported by an Editorial Board of respected academics based at institutions around the world. This system not only ensures that our books are acknowledged for their quality, but also allows you to receive peer-to-peer support from the moment you submit your volume proposal. We primarily publish studies in English and French, but certain series also host multilingual works, including studies in German, Italian, and Spanish, and we are renowned for our critical source works in Latin and Ancient Greek. All of our books and journals are carefully copy-edited, and professionally designed, typeset, and printed. Once your work is published, it will typically be available both in print and as an e-book via the BrepolsOnline platform, in order to maximise accessibility. We can make your material Open Access if desired, and we also provide the opportunity to store and share your research data online as supplementary open content on Figshare.

Worldwide marketing

A highly regarded and prestigious publisher, Brepols holds the top ranking from the internationally recognised Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series, and Publishers, and our aim is that any work published by Brepols is a by-word for quality. Our marketing team ensures that your work will be effectively promoted via catalogues, press releases, social media, journal reviews, and the distribution of our metadata across different platforms and distribution channels. We will also work alongside you to produce any additional materials that might be required. Throughout the year, we attend conferences and trade fairs to ensure that your work receives maximum publicity amongst the scholarly community.

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