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Architectura Moderna

Architectural Exchanges in Europe, 16th-17th centuries

Editors: Krista De Jonge Piet Lombaerde
Publishing Manager: Chris VandenBorre
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ISSN 2030-2967

Method of peer review
single-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

Modern Architecture, Low Countries, France, Italy, Northern Europe, Cultural exhanges and influences, Architectural techniques, Urbanism, Churches, Public buildings, Builiding Heritage, Architects

Accepts Contributions in Open Access


The studies presented in this series focus on the phenomena of exchange and influence in European architecture, which link together the architectural production of Northern and Central Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.


    Series Editors
    Krista De Jonge (Leuven)
    Piet Lombaerde (Antwerp)

    Advisory Board
    Barbara Arciszewska (Warsaw)
    Gordon Higgott (London)
    Stephan Hoppe (München)
    Werner Oechslin (Zurich)
    Konrad Ottenheym (Utrecht)
    Charles van den Heuvel (Amsterdam/The Hague)

    Honorary Members
    Howard Burns (Vicenza/Pisa)
    Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann (Princeton)
    Jean Guillaume (Paris)

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Architecture as Profession

The Origins of Architectural Practice in the Low Countries in the Fifteenth Century Merlijn Hurx
ISBN 978-2-503-56825-6 ARCHMOD 13 | 2018 € 130,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-56826-3 (E-book)

The Church of Saint-Eustache in the Early French Renaissance

Anne-Marie Sankovitch
ISBN 978-2-503-55514-0 ARCHMOD 12 | 2016 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-56484-5 € 120,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

The Low Countries at the Crossroads

Netherlandish Architecture as an Export Product in Early Modern Europe (1480-1680) K.A. Ottenheym, Krista De Jonge (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54333-8 ARCHMOD 8 | 2014 € 155,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55630-7 (E-book)

The Notion of the Painter-Architect in Italy and the Southern Low Countries

Piet Lombaerde (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-54850-0 ARCHMOD 11 | 2014 € 115,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55633-8 € 115,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Early Modern Urbanism and the Grid

Town Planning in the Low Countries in International Context. Exchanges in Theory and Practice 1550-1800 Piet Lombaerde, Charles van den Heuvel (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54073-3 ARCHMOD 10 | 2011 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55632-1 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Public Buildings in Early Modern Europe

K.A. Ottenheym, Krista De Jonge, Monique Chatenet (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-53354-4 ARCHMOD 9 | 2010 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55631-4 € 110,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. Architecture in Sweden in the Age of Greatness

Kristoffer Neville
ISBN 978-2-503-52826-7 ARCHMOD 7 | 2009 € 100,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55629-1 € 100,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Innovation and Experience in Early Baroque in the Southern Netherlands. The Case of the Jesuit Church in Antwerp

Piet Lombaerde (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-52388-0 ARCHMOD 6 | 2008 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55628-4 € 85,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Unity and Discontinuity

Architectural Relationships between the Southern and Northern Low Countries (1530-1700) Krista De Jonge, Konrad Ottenheym (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-51366-9 ARCHMOD 5 | 2007 € 55,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55627-7 (E-book)

The architectural network of the Van Neurenberg family in the Low Countries (1480-1640)

Gabri van Tussenbroek
ISBN 978-2-503-51847-3 ARCHMOD 4 | 2006 € 45,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55626-0 € 45,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Hans Vredeman De Vries And The Artes Mechanicae Revisited

Piet Lombaerde (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-51813-8 ARCHMOD 3 | 2005 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55625-3 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Trade in Good Taste

Relations in Architecture and Culture between the Dutch Republic and the Baltic World in the Seventeenth Century Badeloch Noldus
ISBN 978-2-503-51489-5 ARCHMOD 2 | 2005 € 45,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55624-6 € 45,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

The Reception of P.P. Rubens's 'Palazzi di Genova' during the 17th Century in Europe: Questions and Problems

Piet Lombaerde (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-51301-0 ARCHMOD 1 | 2002 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Paperback) ISBN 978-2-503-55575-1 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)