Journal IKON, vol. 15

Ikon 15/2022

Iconography and Religious Otherness

  • Pages: 296 p.
  • Size:240 x 310 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-59867-3
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    Uvodna riječ / Foreword

    Claudia Cieri Via
    Unveiling the Other: Art, Images, and Cultures

    Debra Higgs Strickland
    Otherness on the Hereford World Map (c. 1300)

    Iris Grötecke
    The Visibility of the Pagans: Transformation and Dissemination of an Undervalued Ancient Motif in Northern European Medieval Art

    Ivana Čapeta Rakić – Giuseppe Capriotti
    An Inquiry into the Image of Jews in 15th-Century Istria: The Iconography of the Jewish-Christian Dispute

    Nataša Kavčić
    Otherness in Medieval Document Decoration

    Jakov Đorđević
    Visualising Sexual Otherness in the Late Medieval Eastern Christian Monasteries

    Dmitriy Antonov
    Demonizing the Aggressors: Russian Icons of The Battle of Novgorodians against Suzdalians

    Sergei Zotov
    Pagan Otherness in the Christian Church: Iconography of Ancient Philosophers and Intellectuals in Russia and the Balkans

    Nicolás Kwiatkowski
    Martyrdom and the Visual Production of Otherness in Europe, 1450-1650)

    Luis F. Bernabé-Pons
    Visual (Mis)Representations of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad

    Francesco Sorce
    Maometto a Roma e crociate in piazza: La facciata di Polidoro da Caravaggio e Maturino da Firenze in piazza Capranica

    Maria Luisa Ricci
    Exclude or Convert? The Image of the Muslim Slave in the Iconography of the Vision of St John of Matha in Rome

    Laura Stagno – Valentina Borniotto
    Anachronism at Work: Villains and Enemies as Turks in Early Modern Religious Art in Genoa and Liguria

    Marta Battisti
    "Whoever Belongs to God Hears What God Says" (John 8:47): The Other as Deaf in Two Frescoes by Filippo Lippi and Gualtiero Padovano)

    Valerija Macan Lukavečki
    Religious Otherness in Giulio Clovio’s Miniatures

    Javier Cuevas del Barrio
    Iberia – Iconosphere of Religious Otherness: The "Sodomitic Moor" in 16th-Century Spanish Painting

    Borja Franco Llopis
    The Rebellion of the Alpujarras, Virgil, and the Fall of the Giants by Petrus Firens: Cover Art for Historia de las Guerras Civiles de Granada

    Mauro Salis
    The Augustinian Way: Religious Otherness through the Images of Augustinian Devotion in 16th- and 17th-century Sardinia

    Olaya Sanfuentes Echeverría
    Otherness Underfoot: Enemies of Occidental Christian Culture Defeated by the Apostle St James

    Özlem Yıldız
    A Wise Enemy: The Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Portrayal of the Polish Commander Stanisław Żołkiewski

    Rita Ladogana
    Political Power and Religious Otherness in the Fascist Era: The Polemic about the Connections between Judaism and Modernist Art and the Instrumental Use of the Nazi Iconography against "Degenerate Art"

    Marilena Pateraki
    Monumental Management, Landscape Iconography and the "Muslim Other" in Interwar Greece

    Veronika Nela Gašpar – Davor Šimunec
    Dall’alterità religiosa alla fraternità universale

    Prilog / Prikaz
    Contribution / Review

    Maria Bergamo
    Tra l’apofatico e l’epifanico: Riflessioni sull’iconografo e l’artista, dai madonneri cretesi ai mistici russia

    Marina Vicelja-Matijašić
    The Relevance of Iconography to Art-historical Scholarship

    Marina Vicelja-Matijašić
    The Essentials of Image Studies

    Marina Vicelja-Matijašić
    Glimpses into Byzantine Philosophy and Art