Journal IKON, vol. 10

IKON 10/2017

Marian Iconography East and West

The University of Rijeka (ed)

  • Pages: 412 p.
  • Size:240 x 310 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2017

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-57175-1
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    Uvodna riječ / Foreword

    Alexei Lidov, The Priesthood of the Virgin Mary as an Image-Paradigm of Christian Visual Culture

    Timothy Verdon, Mary in Western Art

    Veronika Nela Gašpar, Mater misericordiae. Maria – testimone modello e creatura particolare della misericordia di Dio

    Maria Lidova, XAIPE MAPIA. Annunciation Imagery in the Making

    Kristine Sabashvili, Early Images of the Mother of God in Georgian Art (5th-10th centuries)

    Alessandro Tomei, Giotto's Annunciation to the Virgin in Arena Chapel in Padua between East and West

    Kayoko lchikawa, Guido da Siena's Coronation of the Virgin. Thirteenth-Century Marian Devotion between East and West

    Federica Volpera, lconografia e devozione come aspetti della maniera greca. Alcune osservazioni sulle differenti icone mariane presenti in un manoscritto francescano tardo duecentesco

    Fuensanta Murcia Nicolás, The Byzantine Legacy in the Manuscripts. Les Miracles de Nostre Dame by Gautier De Coinci

    Stefania Paone, Apocalypse and Maternity. The Mulier amicta sole in the Church of Santa Maria Donnaregina in Naples

    Štefan Valášek, Iconography of the Virgin Mary in Medieval Wall Paintings in Ludrova-Kut in Slovakia

    Saša Brajovi – Milena Ulčar, Legends, Images and Miracles of the Virgin Mary in the Bay of Kotor in Early Modern Period

    Valentina Živković, Satana in forma della Madonna. Serafino Razzi and the Dominican Observant Reform in Kotor

    lvana Čapeta Rakić – Giuseppe Capriotti, Two Marian Iconographic Themes in the Face of Islam on the Adriatic Coast in the Early Modern Period

    Mauro Salis, The Virgin Hodegetria Iconography in the Crown of Aragon in the Early Modern Period. Canons, Allotropies and Variants

    Alessandra Galizzi Kroegel, The Altarpieces by Bernardo Zenale at the Getty and Denver Art Museums. Two Case Studies for the Iconography of the Immaculate Conception

    Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten, Madonna Sistina – Heidegger e la carita dell'immagine. lconografia mariana tra Occidente e Oriente

    Elissa Auerbach, Domesticating the Virgin in Early Modern Netherlandish Art

    Hannah lterbeke, Cultivating Devotion. The Sixteenth-Century Enclosed Gardens of the Low Countries

    Rosa Margarita Cacheda Barreiro, The Defence of Mary and the Triumph over Heresy in Post-Tridentine Images in Spain

    Carme López Calderón, Emblematizing Mary. Displayed Emblems to Elaborate on the Virgin's Mediation in the Early Modern Period on the Iberian Peninsula

    Ana Cristina Sousa, The Image of the lmmaculata as Patroness of Portugal and a Motif in Traditional Jewellery Pendants

    Laura Stagno, Figurae Mariae. Iconography of the Virgin and of Her Biblical Prefigurations in Early Modern Decorative Cycles in the Republic of Genoa

    György E. Szönyi – lldikó Sz. Kristóf, A Multimedial Cult of the Virgin Mary Created and Sponsored by the Hungarian Aristocrat Pál Esterházy (1635-1713)

    Silvia Marin Barutcieff, The Flight into Egypt – Virgin Mary as Christ-Bearer. Iconographic Models in Romanian Mural Paintings of 18th and 19th Centuries

    Marco Bogade, Marian Columns in Central Europe as Media of Post-Tridentine Policy of Recatholisation

    Benjamin Foudral, The Virgin Mary, Common Womenfolk. The Perspective of Belgian and European Iconographic Revival in fin-de-siècle

    Barbara Aniello, Alle soglie del suono-colore. L'Assunzione di Previati e la musica sottratta

    Karen von Veh, The Role of Beauty and Perfection in Marian Iconography. Contemporary Responses to Controversial Images of Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili and Diane Victor

    Prilozi – Prikazi – Dodatak / Contributions – Reviews – Appendix

    Jelena Erdeljan, A Contribution to the Study of Marian Piety and Related Aspects of Visual Culture in Late Medieval Balkans. Several Notable Examples Recorded in Serbian Written Sources

    Bertrand Cosnet, La Vierge aux Vertus. Une fortune ephémère

    Roksolana Kosiv, "Shelter of the World, More Spacious than a Cloud". Two Types of Iconography of Virgin Mother of Mercy in Western Ukrainian Icons on Canvas and Church Banners of the 1670-1730s

    Barbara Španjoi-Pandelo, Iconography and Medieval Art Historical Studies: Iconographers, Methodologies and Themes

    Janetta Rebold Benton, The Phoenix between Myth and Science

    Sonja Briski Uzelac, The Futility of Resistance to the Image