Journal IKON, vol. 6

IKON 6/2013


Marina Vicelja (ed)

  • Pages: 330 p.
  • Size:240 x 310 mm
  • Language(s):English, French, Italian
  • Publication Year:2013

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-55131-9
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    IKON promotes wide range of contents and themes of iconographic studies, focusing on the role and function of « image » within the period and place of its origin as well as its contemporary reception and discernment. The journal seeks to present different perspectives in understanding and interpreting images incorporating cross-disciplinary studies and recent results in other complementary disciplines. IKON is an annual publication published by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Rijeka.

    IKON publie des études iconographiques qui abordent le rôle et la fonction de l’ « image » pendant sa période et sur son lieu d’origine ainsi que son acceptation et son discernement contemporains. Le journal a pour dessein de présenter différentes perspectives en termes de compréhension et d’interprétation d’images en intégrant des études pluridisciplinaires et les derniers résultats des autres disciplines complémentaires. IKON est une publication annuelle de la Faculté d’Arts et de Sciences de l’Université de Rijeka.



    Michelle P. Brown, Visons and Eremitic Vocation in the "Deserts" of the North: The Iconography of Insular Hagiography

    Veronika Nela Gašpar, Le apparizioni mariane nel nostro tempo: Il significato e i criteri del discernimento nella teologia

    Marianne Sághy, Hungarians in Hell: The Visions of Laurentius de Tar

    Dominic E. Delarue, Viri Dei: Visionen, Erscheinungen und Wunder in spätmittelalterlichen Bildzyklen zu den Heiligen Jodokus, Antonius und Benedikt

    Ludovico V. Geymonat, Un disegno preparatorio del XIII secolo per un ciclo pittorico sull’Apocalisse

    Alessandro Tomei, I pannelli dell’Apocalisse di Stoccarda e altre visioni angioine

    Barbara Baert, "Gender", visione e sensi: nuova luce sul tabernacolo del Beato Chiarito

    Gaetano Curzi, Multiple Visions at Santa Maria del Casale in Brindisi: Art, Politics and Devotion in the Principality of Taranto

    Lado Mirianashvili, Non-Traditional Iconography of The Hospitality of Abraham from the Refectory of Udabno Monastery in Davit-Gareji, Georgia

    Branislav Cvetković, Vision of the Heavenly City in Jošanica Monastery

    Ivan Gerát, Visions and the Image of Ecclesiastical Dignitaries in the Pre-Reformation Period

    Giedrė Mickūnaitė, Maniera Graeca in Europe’s Catholic East Representation, Imagination and Tradition: A Case Study of the Parish Church of Trakai in Lithuania

    Janet Robson, Bonaventure’s "Visions of the Cross" in the Saint Francis Cycle at Assisi

    Karen McCluskey, Miraculous Visions: Apparitio in the Vitae of Mediaeval Venetian Saints and Beati

    Ana Munk, Visions of Beatitude in Santa Maria Novella’s Paradise: The Ultimate Goal of Human Endeavor in Monastic Tradition and Dominican Thought

    Ivana Čapeta Rakić, La visione del frate Domenicano Lorenzo dalla Grotteria e gli echi

    dell’iconografia del miracolo di Soriano in Dalmazia

    Giuseppe Capriotti, Visions, Mental Images, Real Pictures: The Mystical Experience and

    the Artistic Patronage of Sister Battista da Varano

    Valentina Živković, Visions of the Blessed Osanna of Kotor (Cattaro)

    Lasse Hodne, Omnivoyance and Omnipresence: Word and Vision According to Nicholas of Cusa and Jan van Eyck

    Yvonne zu Dohna, The Aesthetic of Spirituality: Ignatius, Luther, and Caravaggio’s and Rembrandt’s Painting of St Matthew and the Angel

    Contributions – Reviews – Appendix

    Zora Žbontar, Visions in Dreams in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

    Davide Longhi, The Cosmic Cross as Logos’ Theophany: First Version of Sant’Apollinare in Classe’s Apsidal Mosaic and Jerusalem’s Staurophany of AD 351

    Rostislava Todorova, Visualizing the Divine: Mandorla as a Vision of God in Byzantine Iconography

    Meliha Teparić, Islamic Calligraphy and Visions

    Sarah Timme, „Der Seherin Gesicht": Nordische Weissagungen in der bildenden Kunst des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts

    Sixth International Conference of Iconographic Studies

    Guidelines for Authors