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A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts in the National Library “Sts. Cyril and Methodius”, Sofia

Dorotei Getov

  • Pages: xx + 506 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:165 b/w, 11 col.
  • Language(s):English, Greek, Latin
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58612-0
  • Hardback
  • Available

In recent years Dorotei Getov has almost single-handedly put the collections of Greek manuscripts in Bulgaria on the world map of Byzantine scholarship


“Getov has rendered an enormous service to the Greek manuscripts of Bulgaria and those who would use them. The publishers are to be thanked for making this high-quality catalogue available at a reasonable price. It should serve as the definitive guide to the Greek holdings of the National Library for its next 150 years.” (Hugh Houghton, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2021.02.40)

« Voila donc un utile catalogue, qui permet une approche raisonnée de cette collection peu connue ; (…) Le labeur inlassable de Dorotei Getov, qui a ainsi fourni à la communauté scientifique, en l’espace de quelques années, des catalogues précis d’importantes collections de manuscrits grecs de Sofia, doit être salué. » (Matthieu Cassin, dans la Revue des études byzantines, 79, 2021, p. 365)

“Dorotei Getov’s Catalogue has brought the collection of Greek manuscripts in the National Library “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” in Sofia into the spotlight of contemporary Byzantine studies, provid­ing a reliable starting point for future re­search.” (Aneta Dimitrova, in Palaeobulgarika, XLVII/2, 2023, p. 153)

“Somit ist der neue Handschriftenkatalog ein nützliches Werk nicht nur für die byzantinische und neugriechische Philologie und Handschriftenkunde, sondern auch für die (Mikro-)Geschichte des Balkans." (Eirini Afentoulidou, in Byzantine Review, 04.2022.011, p. 66)


Dorotei Getov is a classical philologist-turned-student of Greek manuscripts, currently employed as Senior Researcher in Byzantine Literature by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences at its Institute for Literature. He has published several catalogues of Greek manuscripts kept in Bulgarian libraries as well as the editiones principes of the so-called Florilegium Mosquense and of a collection of scholia to the Byzantine legal corpus known as Basilika.


This catalogue offers the definitive documentation of a significant segment of the Greek manuscript legacy now kept at the National Library in Sofia, Bulgaria. It provides comprehensive scholarly descriptions of thousands of texts, major and minor, that served the liturgical needs and helped form the mind-set of the Orthodox monastic community in the Balkans.


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