Book Series Tributes, vol. 15

Tributes to Elly Miller

Opening Manuscripts

Stella Panayotova, Lucy Sandler, Tamar Wang (eds)

  • Pages: 408 p.
  • Size:210 x 275 mm
  • Illustrations:189 col., 1 tables b/w., 6 tables col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024


The nineteen essays by distinguished scholars in the field are wide-ranging methodologically, chronologically and geographically. It is a splendid tribute to Elly Miller’s inspiring role in opening manuscripts up to fresh study.


Stella Panayotova is Royal Librarian and Assistant Keeper of The Royal Archives.
Lucy Freeman Sandler, Professor of Art History Emerita at New York University, is a specialist in Gothic illuminated manuscripts.
Tamar Miller Wang is an independent publisher and editor.


Opening Manuscripts, inspired by Elly Miller’s passion for manuscripts and her commitment to their study, shines a light on the many ways in which medieval manuscripts can be understood. From the physical unfolding of the parchment to discussions of iconography, dating and influences, over time and across countries, each of the volume’s nineteen richly illustrated essays by distinguished scholars in the field asks us to explore a different aspect of the illuminated manuscript. It is a splendid tribute to Elly Miller (1928-2020), the driving force behind Harvey Miller Publishers, who championed medieval art for over half a century. From 1970 to the end of her life, her role as publisher, not only commissioning but also personally editing and designing, was fundamental to the development of the scholarly study and wider appreciation of handwritten and illustrated books of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. 



‘A Passion for Manuscripts’ by Elly Miller,
with a foreword by Tamar Miller Wang

Paul Binski 
The Chronology of Matthew Paris’s Illustrated Saints’ Lives
Christopher de Hamel
The Patron of the Lambeth Bible
Charlotte Denoël
Adémar of Chabannes’ Biblical Drawings in Notebook Leiden VLO 15: From the Mystery of Incarnation to Liturgical Drama
Kathleen Doyle
Opening Up Representations of Saints in English Folded Almanacs
Richard Emmerson
Visual Signification in the Liber floridus ‘Christ between Ecclesia and Synagoga’
Joanna Fronska 
The Images of Gratian: The Author’s Portrait and Historical Evidence
Gerald Guest
Turning to the Masses in the Très Riches Heures
Deirdre Jackson
Portal to Heaven: The Virgin Mary as Gatekeeper in Alfonso X’s Cantigas de Santa Maria
Susan L’Engle
Construing Character and Social Status: Visual Interpretations by Medieval Readers of Roman Law
Julian Luxford 
The Carthusian Miniatures in the Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry
James H. Marrow 
The Gaudechon Hours: An Unpublished Manuscript Illuminated by the Masters of Zweder van Culemborg
Michael A. Michael 
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, MS Vat. Lat. 4757: An Early Fourteenth-Century English Illuminated Vademecum
Nigel J. Morgan 
The Virgin and Child with a Bird in English Art c.1250–c.1350: Passion Symbolism or the Playing Christ Child
Lucy Freeman Sandler 
Pictorial Typology and the Bedford Hours
Kathryn A. Smith 
Opening the Space of the Parchment Roll: Imaging Interiority in Two English Copies of the Septenarium pictum
Patricia Stirnemann
The Souvigny Bible and the Holy Sepulchre
Jenny Stratford 
A Tudor Treatise on Illumination and Three Antiquarians: Humfrey Wanley, Elizabeth Elstob and George Ballard
Federica Toniolo
Double Openings Commemorating the First World War: Nestore Leoni and the Revival of Illumination in Italy
Roger Wieck 
The Last Solomon: Lost and Found

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