Book Series Tributes, vol. 8

Tributes to David Freedberg

Image and Insight

Claudia Swan (ed)

  • Pages: 534 p.
  • Size:210 x 275 mm
  • Illustrations:3 b/w, 222 col.
  • Language(s):English, Latin, Italian
  • Publication Year:2019

  • ISBN: 978-1-909400-70-2
  • Hardback
  • Available


This volume honors the vital impact of David Freedberg, Pierre Matisse Professor of the History of Art and Director of The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University, on the field of art history and several cognate areas of research. Essays by leading specialists on early modern northern European and Italian art and history, prints and print culture, iconoclasm and responses to images, connoisseurship, and the history of collecting, testify to Freedberg's wide area of influence and a substantial intellectual legacy in the making.

With contributions by Renzo Baldasso, Marisa Anne Bass, Emily A. Beeny, Carolin Behrmann, Francesco Benelli, David, Benjamin, Horst Bredekamp, Giovanna Alberta Campitelli, Chiara Cappelletto, Georges Didi-Huberman, Adam Eaker, Jan Piet Filedt Kok, Robert Fucci, Diletta Gamberini, Maartje van Gelder, Carlo Ginzburg, Claudia Goldstein, Emilie E.S. Gordenker, Meredith McNeill Hale, Koenraad Jonckheere, Margaret K. Koerner, Catherine Levesque, Victoria Sancho Lobis, Peter N. Miller, Alexandra Onuf, Peter Parshall, Andrea Pinotti, Larry Silver, William Stenhouse, Jonathan Unglaub, Mariët Westermann, Veronica Maria White, Anne T. Woollett, Elizabeth Wyckoff, and Carolyn Yerkes.


Introduction — Claudia Swan

The North

Marisa Anne Bass — Florilegium: The Origins of the Flower Still Life in the Early Modern Netherlands

Emily A. Beeny — Poussin’s Idolatrous Dances

Benjamin Binstock — Rembrandt’s So-Called ‘Faust’ as Self-Portrait of the Artist-Kabbalist in the Studio

Adam Eaker — Rubens and the Gallery of Beauties

Robert Fucci — Rubens and the Twelve Years’ Truce: Reconsidering the Adoration of the Magi for the Antwerp Town Hall

Claudia Goldstein — Kitchen Scenes and Performance at the Antwerp Dinner Party

Koenraad Jonckheere — Something’s Missing. A Note on the Historiography of Rubens’s Rockox Triptych

Mariët Westermann — The Lemon’s Lure

Anne T. Woollett — Forging Rubens: Antwerp and the Vaenius Studio

Printed Matter

Renzo Baldasso — Capitals between Rome and Nuremberg: Creating and Transferring Style c. 1470–75

Catherine Levesque — ‘Imitation and its Discontents’: Hercules Segers’s Window

Victoria Sancho Lobis — Vorsterman, Van Dyck, and Rubens’s Printmaking Enterprise

Peter N. Miller — What Price Innovation? The Cost of Printing the Paris Polyglot Bible

Alexandra Onuf — Hans van Luyck and the Byways of Flemish Landscape Prints

Peter Parshall — Rembrandt’s Christ Presented to the People (1655): A Report on the Crowd

Elizabeth Wyckoff — ‘Various Rare Paintings and Printed Artworks for Art Lovers’: Jan Pietersz Berendrecht and the Origins of the Dutch Painter-Etcher Tradition

The Powers of Images

Carolin Behrmann — Venus, Slashed: Objectification and Artistic Agency

Chiara Cappelletto — The Bios of the Image: Living Thanks to Fiction

Georges Didi-Huberman — Image, sensation, disproportion

Maartje van Gelder — Stoning the Doge. Popular Aggression and Political ‘Iconoclasm’ in Early Modern Venice

Andrea Pinotti — The Anthropomorphic Drive. Similitude, Simulation, Empathy

Gary Schwartz — Emotions in Art from Giambattista della Porta to David Freedberg

Larry Silver — Images of Power: Dinglinger’s Dresden Miniatures

Carolyn Yerkes — Inhabited Sculptures, Lethal Weapons

Italian Subjects

Francesco Benelli — Angles and Demons. Considerations on the Aesthetics of Ground Plan Drawings in the Renaissance

David Bindman — The Black Page: The Ottoman Connection

Giovanna Alberta Campitelli — Le Caccie die Papi

Jonathan Unglaub — Guido Reni, Antonio Bruni, and a Poetics of Response

Veronica Maria White — Drawings from the Gennari Inventory of 1719

The Artist

Jan Piet Filedt Kok — The Minotaur in the Drawings of Peter Vos: An Alter Ego?

Diletta Gamberini — ‘Divine’ or Not? Poetic Responses to the Art of Michelangelo

Margaret K. Koerner — William Kentridge: Renaissance Man of Johannesburg

Theory; Connoisseurship

Horst Bredekamp — Erwin Panofskys Habilitation und die Rhythmik des Films

Carlo Ginzburg — Mise en abyme: A Reframing

Emilie E.S. Gordenker — Connoisseurship Revisited: The Case of Saul and David

Meredith McNeill Hale — ‘Rubens Only Whispers’: The Reception of the Cambridge Bozzetti for the Triumph of the Eucharist Tapestry Series

William Stenhouse — The Style and Substance of Ancient Coins: Louis Savot, Numismatics, and Connoisseurship in the Age of the Paper Museum

List of Publications by David Freedberg