Book Series Tributes, vol. 9

Tributes to Adelaide Bennett Hagens

Manuscripts, Iconography, and the Late Medieval Viewer

Pamela A. Patton, Judith K. Golden (eds)

  • Pages: approx. 376 p.
  • Size:210 x 275 mm
  • Illustrations:15 b/w, 224 col.
  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2017

  • ISBN: 978-1-909400-79-5
  • Hardback
  • Available


Pamela A. Patton is Director of the Index of Medieval Art and a specialist in the visual culture of later medieval Iberia. Judith K. Golden is an Art History Specialist at the Index of Medieval Art, with a specialization in French and English manuscripts of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.



Honoring the fifty-year career of Adelaide Bennett Hagens at the Index of Christian Art, Manuscripts, Iconography, and the Late Medieval Viewer gathers essays by leading specialists in the field of Gothic manuscripts and related art forms. Centered on the reciprocity between medieval pictures and their viewers, the collection sheds new light on what the seminal art historian Michael Camille memorably described as the "image explosion" of the later Middle Ages.

Contributors include François Avril, Paul Binski, Brendan Cassidy, Laura Cochrane, Stephen Cooper, Christopher de Hamel, Lynda Dennison, Libby Escobedo, Paula Gerson, Judith Golden, Gerald Guest, Michael Michael, Nigel Morgan, Judith Oliver, Beatrice Radden-Keefe, Alexa Sand, Lucy Freeman Sandler, Jessica Savage, Elizabeth Sears, Alison Stones, Leslie Bussis Tait, Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo, and William Voelkle.




    Judith K. Golden, Adelaide Bennett Hagens: Reminiscences and Bibliography

    Elizabeth Sears, Under Miss Green’s Watch: Three Decades of Art History at the Index of Christian Art

    Alexa Sand, Virtuous Bodies: La Somme le roi of Jeanne of Guînes and Eu, 1311

    Gerald Guest, The Fall of the Rebel Angels: Penitence and Devotion in the Très Riches Heures

    Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo, The Marriage of Castile and England as seen in the Bible of Burgos

    Paul Binski, Sir Oliver Ingham and the Ascetic Imagination

    Libby Escobedo, Playing to the Audience: the Fastolf Master and the Hours of Sir William Porter

    Judith Oliver, Christian Calendars and Secular Labors of the Months: A Reassessment

    Paula Gerson, Margins for Eros, Revisited

    Nigel Morgan, The Holy Face as Icon and Vision in Fourteenth-Century England

    Laura E. Cochrane, The Iconography of Time and Eternity in the Tiberius Psalter

    William B. Voelkle, The Story of the Levite (Judges 19:1-29), Paris, and the Morgan Library’s Crusader Bible (MS M.638)

    Brendan Cassidy, Dante’s Iconography of the Annunciation in Paradiso XXXII

    François Avril, ‘Les cerises de la saint Jean’, un curieux motif marginal figuré dan un bréviare parisien à destination royale

    Beatrice Radden Keefe, Reading While Riding in Miniatures by the Master of Antoine Rolin

    Jessica L. Savage, Before the Parliament of Heaven: Visualizing the Reconciled Virtues of Psalm 84:11

    M.A. Michael, A Re-evaluation of the Wall Paintings on the North Nave Piers of St. Albans Abbey: An Exercise

    Lucy Freeman Sandler, The Howard Psalter in the British Library and the Hours of the Passion in Fourteenth-Century English Manuscripts

    Lynda Dennison, Who Commissioned the Carmelite Missal, London, British Library MS Additional 29704-5?

    Leslie B. Tait, In Pursuit of a Lost Cloister Capital from Saint-Pons-de-Thomières

    Alison Stones, Tobit: a Recently Rediscovered Cutting from the Brussels-Rylands Bible

    Christopher de Hamel and Stephen Cooper, The Hungerford Hours