Book Series Tributes, vol. 11

Tributes to Paul Binski

Medieval Gothic: Art, Architecture & Ideas

J. Luxford (ed)

  • Pages: 436 p.
  • Size:210 x 275 mm
  • Illustrations:22 b/w, 132 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2021

  • ISBN: 978-1-912554-74-4
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Consistently fresh in their scholarship, these essays combine to make an important contribution to medieval art history, reflecting the admiration and affection which Paul Binski inspires in his students and colleagues.


“In sum, therefore, this handsome and wide-ranging volume stands as a fitting tribute to Paul Binski’s career, one that medievalist art historians of many stripes will have good reason to consult.” (Robert Bork, in The Medieval Review, 22.04.13)


Dr. Julian Luxford is Professor in Art History at the University of St Andrews.


This volume is published in honour of Paul Binski, whose scholarship and teaching have done so much to illuminate the material and intellectual worlds of Gothic art and architecture. Remarkable for its material scope and philosophical depth, Paul’s work has had a powerful influence on the current state of the field: this is reflected here in thirty-four essays on buildings, works of art and ideas in a wide range of historical and geographical contexts, from Iberia to Scandinavia and Italy to Ireland. Consistently fresh in their scholarship, these essays combine to make an important contribution to medieval art history. In doing so they reflect the admiration and affection which Paul inspires in his students and colleagues. With contributions by: Gabriel Byng, Meredith Cohen, Emily Guerry, James Hillson, Ethan Matt Kavaler, Tom Nickson, Zoë Opačić, Claudia Bolgia, Jean-Marie Guillouët, Justin E. A. Kroesen, Julian Luxford, Robert Mills, John Munns, Matthew M. Reeve, Laura Slater, Beth Williamson, Jessica Berenbeim, Spike Bucklow, Marcia Kupfer, Jean-Pascal Pouzet, Miri Rubin, Kathryn M. Rudy, Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras, Lucy Wrapson, Patrick Zutshi, Mary Carruthers, Jill Caskey, Lucy Donkin, Kate Heard, Robert Maniura, Alexander Marr, M. A. Michael, Conrad Rudolph, Betsy Sears.


Part One: Gothic Architecture

1. Gabriel Byng — The ‘Great Rebuilding’ of the Late Middle Ages: Revising the longue durée History of the Gothic Parish Church

2. Meredith Cohen — ‘The Forest through the Trees’: The Pier as a Seed Plan at the Lady Chapel of Saint-Germain des Prés

3. Emily Guerry — A Gothic Throne for the King of Kings: A Re-evaluation of the Design, Date, and Function of the Sainte-Chapelle Tribune

4. James Hillson — Linearity and the Gothic Style: Architectural Conception in England and France, 1200–1400

5. Ethan Matt Kavaler — Diamonds are Forever: Cell Vaults and the Beginnings of History

6. Tom Nickson — Describing Architecture in Thirteenth-Century Spain

7. Zoë Opačić — Cui bono? The Founding and Funding of Medieval Religious

Institutions under Charles IV

Part Two: Gothic Sculpture and its Environment

8. Claudia Bolgia — The ‘Tabernacles’ War’ II, c.1400: New Light on the Competition between Icons and Relics in Late Medieval Rome

9. Jean-Marie Guillouët — Epigraphic One-Upmanship: Remarks about Text-Image Relationship in Fifteenth Century Monumental Sculpture

10. Justin E. A. Kroesen — Gotland Wonder: Unique High Medieval Interior Ensembles on a Baltic Island

11. Julian Luxford — John and Johanna Ormond’s Grave

12. Robert Mills — Wild Forms: The Art of East Anglian Wodewoses

13. John Munns — The Thirteenth-Century Pyx Cover at Wells Cathedral

14. Matthew M. Reeve — Fragments from Wisdom’s House: The Lady chapel Juxta Claustrum at Wells Cathedral

15. Laura Slater — Musical Wit and Courtly Connections at Cogges

16. Beth Williamson — The Kilcorban Madonna: Joy and Potential in an Irish Wooden Virgin

and Child

Part Three: Gothic Painting, Manuscripts and Poetics

17. Jessica Berenbeim — Recapitulation: A Medieval Table of Contents

18. Spike Bucklow — The Economics of Blue and Gold

19. Marcia Kupfer — A Hill of Foreskins: Circumcision in the Alba Bible

20. Jean-Pascal Pouzet — Notes towards a Poetics of Western Medieval Manuscript Form – with an Application to Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge

University Library

21. Miri Rubin — Ecclesia and Synagoga in Time

22. Kathryn M. Rudy — The Bolton/Blackburn Hours (York Minster Add. Ms. 2): A New Solution to its Text-Image Disjunctions using a Structural Model

23. Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras — If the Sea Were Made of Ink: A Word on Medieval Visual Poetry

24. Lucy Wrapson — A Royal Portrait? Uncovering the Identity of Saints on the Latemedieval Screen at North Tuddenham, Norfolk

25. Patrick Zutshi — The Veronica Images Painted by Matteo Giovannetti for Pope Urban V (1369)

Part Four: Gothic Art and Ideas

26. Mary Carruthers — Becoming Like an Angel: The Concept of Sublimis in Monastic Contemplation and in Alchemy

27. Jill Caskey — Treasure, Taxonomy, and Transformation in the Inventories of San Nicola, Bari

28. Lucy Donkin — Mining Mount Tabor: the Schauinsland Window at the Minster of Freiburg im Breisgau

29. Kate Heard — The Ecclesiastical Textiles of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

30. Robert Maniura — Why Study Miraculous Images?

31. Alexander Marr — Working by Wit Alone: Aspects of Ingenuity in Dürer

32. M. A. Michael — Inventing Gothic Painting: Creating Fine Art

33. Conrad Rudolph — The Evidence of the Training of Tour Guides in the Middle Ages

34. Betsy Sears — Gothic Logic: Panofsky’s Unwritten Book on ‘The Gothic Style’

Index of Buildings, Works of Art, Manuscripts, and Medieval Authors