Book Series Meletemata, vol. 74

Social Dynamics under Roman Rule

Mobility and Status Change in the Provinces of Achaia and Macedonia

A. D. Rizakis, F. Camia, S. Zoumbaki (eds)

  • Pages: 445 p.
  • Size:170 x 240 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2017

  • ISBN: 978-960-9538-63-3
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Social mobility is a multi-faceted phenomenon which affected different social strata. Its multiplicity becomes evident on the basis of an analysis of this subject in the Roman world, the Roman provinces of Achaia and Macedonia being the geographical nucleus of the study. Noteworthy examples of social ascent or descent of individuals, families and societal groups are examined in the contributions of this volume. The investigation further focuses on the mechanisms of social change which is intertwined with various factors, personal (legal and family status, wealth, personal relationships, professional skills), local particularities and general evolutions (historical context, demographic trends, major political transformations). The studies of this volume concentrate on specific geographic areas (region, city) or social categories (‘intellectuals’, priests, freedmen), deal with particular aspects of general topics (e.g. mechanisms of social advancement or ‘regression’) and analyse single case-studies of individual or family social change from the second century BC to the third century AD.