Book Series The Septuagint in its Ancient Context, vol. 3

The Concept of Space in the Book of Judith

A Contribution to the Narrative Analysis of Old Testament Texts

Martina Korytiaková

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  • Language(s):English, Greek, Hebrew
  • Publication Year:2024

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A synthetic overview and case-study application of spatial perspectives, concepts and theories from antiquity onwards, and of state-of-the-art theoretical approaches to space in the Old Testament


Martina Korytiaková studied theology at the Comenius University Bratislava (SK) and finished her licentiate (S.S.Lic) and doctoral studies (S.S.D) at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (I). Since 2012 she is executive manager for the Studia Biblica Slovaca. She works as scientific researcher at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius in Bratislava (SK) and lecturer of Old Testament in the clerical seminary in Nitra (SK).

Dr Korytiaková was distinguished with the “The Dr Marc and Mrs Rachelle Bibeau Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation 2021-22” of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome for the dissertation that grew into the present monograph.


In the last decade, biblical exegesis has gradually taken into consideration the so-called “spatial turn”. However, the literary concept of space and its narrative analysis have found less interest than the study of space as a social and cultural phenomenon. This obvious gap in biblical research has become the impulse for the present work, dedicated to the book of Judith. Its aim is, on the one hand, to present the narrative analysis of space as a still-developing field in non-biblical literature and, on the other, to show how this promising approach can be developed in biblical studies.

In particular, this monograph provides the narrative analysis and interpretation of space in the book of Judith in response. The first part of the study offers a synthetic overview of perceptions, concepts and theories of space from antiquity to contemporary research, and of the theoretical approaches to space in the Old Testament. The main part is dedicated to the analysis of space on the micro and macro levels of the book of Judith through the application of Katrin Dennerlein’s narratological theory of space. Thus, it can be demonstrated to what extent an in-depth analysis of the notion of space can contribute to better understand its thematic and symbolic dimension in the story, its function of characterising persons and actions, its role as a structuring element in the story and, last but not least, as a vehicle for an ideological and theological message.


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Part I: Space in the Old Testament Scholarship
1. Perceptions, Concepts and Theories of Space: A Synthetic Overview
2. Theoretical Approaches to Space in the Old Testament
3. Space in the Book of Judith

Part II: Narrative Analysis of Space in the Book of Judith
4. Spaces on the Micro Level
5. Space on the Macro Level
6. General Conclusions