Book Series Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum : Series Iranica, vol. 2

Opuscula Manichaica

Nicholas Sims-Williams

  • Pages: approx. xxxiv + 234 p.
  • Size:210 x 297 mm
  • Illustrations:28 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024


This fully illustrated and indexed volume makes available all the publications of Nicholas Sims-Williams which include editions of Manichaean texts in Middle Iranian languages or studies of the languages concerned.


Nicholas Sims-Williams is Emeritus Professor of Iranian and Central Asian Studies at SOAS University of London. He is the author of many text-editions and books on the language and content of Middle Iranian manuscripts and inscriptions.


This volume collects all the publications of Nicholas Sims-Williams, which include editions of Manichaean texts in Middle Iranian languages (Middle Persian, Parthian, Sogdian and Bactrian) or studies of their vocabulary and grammar, including important articles first published in Festschriften and other hard-to-find volumes. The author has revised all the articles and updated them as needed with additional notes in square brackets, leaving the text as it was in the original publications. Wherever possible, the author has added colour photographs of the texts edited. The work is enriched by selective indexes of Middle Iranian and Turkish texts from Turfan and Dunhuang published or discussed in the articles, of words discussed, Manichaean divine beings, concepts, technical terms, names of persons, place names, scripts, languages, etc. The book will be an important tool for students and scholars interested in Manichaeism, Iranian languages, and the history, religions and literatures of Central Asia.



1. The Middle Iranian fragments in Sogdian script from the Mannerheim collection (by Nicholas Sims-Williams & Harry Halén)
Studia Orientalia 51/13, 1980
2. The Sogdian fragments of Leningrad [I]
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 44/2, 1981, 231–40
3. Remarks on the Sogdian letters γ and x (with special reference to the orthography of the Sogdian version of the Manichean church-history)
Appendix to W. Sundermann, Mitteliranische manichäische Texte kirchengeschichtlichen Inhalts (Berliner Turfantexte 11), Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1981, 194–8
4. Notes on Manichaean Middle Persian morphology
Studia Iranica 10/2, 1981 [1982], 165–76
5. Indian elements in Parthian and Sogdian
Sprachen des Buddhismus in Zentralasien. Vorträge des Hamburger Symposions vom 2. Juli bis 5. Juli 1981 (Veröffentlichungen der Societas Uralo-Altaica 16, ed. K. Röhrborn & W. Veenker), Wiesbaden: Societas Uralo-Altaica / Otto Harrassowitz, 1983, 132–41
6. The Manichean commandments: A survey of the sources
Papers in honour of Professor Mary Boyce II (Acta Iranica 25), Leiden: Centre International d’Études Indo-iraniennes / E. J. Brill, 1985, 573–82
7. A new fragment from the Parthian hymn-cycle Huyadagmān
Études irano-aryennes offertes à Gilbert Lazard (Cahiers de Studia Iranica 7), Paris: Association pour l’avancement des Études Iraniennes / E. Peeters, 1989, 321–31
8. The Sogdian fragments of Leningrad III: Fragments of the Xwāstwānīft
Manichaica Selecta. Studies presented to Professor Julien Ries on the occasion of his seventieth birthday (Manichaean Studies 1, ed. A. van Tongerloo & S. Giversen), Louvain: IAMS–BCMS–CHR, 1991, 323–8
9. The Sogdian fragments of Leningrad II: Mani at the court of the Shahanshah
Bulletin of the Asia Institute 4 (In honor of Richard Nelson Frye), 1990 [1992], 281–8
10. Aurentēs
Studia Manichaica. IV. Internationaler Kongreß zum Manichäismus, Berlin, 14.-18. Juli 1997 (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berichte und Abhandlungen, Sonderband 4, ed. R. E. Emmerick, W. Sundermann & P. Zieme), Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2000, 560–63
11. The Bactrian fragment in Manichaean script (M1224)
Literarische Stoffe und ihre Gestaltung in mitteliranischer Zeit. Kolloquium anlässlich des 70. Geburtstags von Prof. Dr. W. Sundermann (Beiträge zur Iranistik 31, ed. D. Durkin-Meisterernst, Chr. Reck & D. Weber), Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2009, 245–68
12. A haunch of meat: A fable of Aesop in Sogdian and Old Turkish
Papyri graecae Schøyen (PSchøyen II). Essays and texts in honour of Martin Schøyen (Papyrologica Florentina 40, ed. D. Minutoli & R. Pintaudi), Florence: Edizioni Gonnelli, 2010, 197–201
13. Remarks on the phonology of the Manichaean Bactrian fragment
Leksika, Ètimologija, Jazykovye Kontakty. K jubileju doktora filologičeskix nauk, professora Džoj Iosifovny Èdel'man, Moscow: Institut jazykoznanija RAN / TEZAURUS, 2011, 244–51
14. The vocative singular feminine in Sogdian
Ranj-o-Ganj. Papers in honour of Professor Z. Zarshenas (ed. V. Naddaf, F. Goshtasb & M. Shokri-Foumeshi), Tehran: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, 2013, 87–93
15. A Manichaean Sogdian hymn in two scripts
Sanyijiao yanjiu: Lin Wushu xiansheng guxi jinian lunwenji 三夷教研究—林悟殊先生古稀纪念论文集 (Research on Three Foreign Religions: Festschrift for Mr. Lin Wushu on his 70th Birthday, ed. Zhang Xiaogui, Wang Yuanyuan & Yin Xiaoping), Lanzhou: Lanzhou daxue chubanshe, 2014 [2015], 64–76
16. A multilingual Manichaean calendar from Turfan (U130)
Language, Society, and Religion in the World of the Turks. Festschrift for Larry Clark at Seventy-Five (Silk Road Studies 19, ed. Zs. Gulácsi), Turnhout: Brepols, 2018 [2019], 251–66
17. The Wisdom of Aḥiqar and the Wisdom of Ādurbād: A Manichaean
A Thousand Judgements. Festschrift for Maria Macuch (ed. A. Hintze, D. Durkin-Meisterernst & C. Naumann), Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2019, 363–72.
18. The Turtle and the Geese: A Pañcatantra fable in Sogdian
Iran Namag 4/3–4 (Special issue dedicated to Professor Badrolzaman Gharib), 2019 [2020], 14–19
19. Two Sogdian dice-divination texts
Bulletin of the Asia Institute, New Series 30, 2021 [2022], 75–91
20. The ‘Seven Efficacious Jewels’: The Manichaean scriptures in an unpublished Sogdian text (by Enrico Morano, Mohammad Shokri-Foumeshi & Nicholas Sims-Williams)
The Reward of the Righteous. Festschrift in honour of Almut Hintze (Iranica 30, ed. A. Cantera, M. Macuch & N. Sims-Williams), Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2022, 361–9
21. Reading the heavens: Three Manichaean Sogdian manuscripts (by Nicholas Sims-Williams & Bi Bo 毕波)
The Reward of the Righteous. Festschrift in honour of Almut Hintze (Iranica 30, ed. A. Cantera, M. Macuch & N. Sims-Williams), Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2022, 481–500
22. Of moths, grubs and worms
Dādestān ī Dēnīg. Festschrift for Mahmoud Jaafari-Dehaghi (ed. Amin Shayeste Doust), Tehran: Farhang Moaser, 2022, 377–84

Selective index of Middle Iranian and Turkish texts from Turfan and Dunhuang published or discussed
Selective index of words discussed
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