Orders & Sales


    Individuals worldwide can order

    - From the Brepols Webshop
    - Directly from Brepols
    - Through the usual book supplier

    Institutions and Bookshops can order

    - Directly from Brepols
    - Through the usual book supplier


    Create an online account for the Brepols Webshop

    New Brepols customer?
    Click the login-icon on the top right of your screen and register your online webshop account. Fill in your e-mail address, choose a password and fill in all necessary details.

    Already a Brepols customer?
    Click the login-icon on the top right of your screen and register your online webshop account. Fill in your e-mail address, choose a password, and fill in your customer number (you can find your personal customer number on all your previous invoices). Your details and settings will automatically be linked to your online account.

    Start shopping

    Find a book in the web catalogue, click the shopping cart icon to add a book to your order list. Either carry on shopping, look what is in your basket or proceed to check-out.


    During shopping you can always increase the quantity or remove a book from your order list. When you are ready to check out, press the ‘Checkout’-button. Select your shipping and invoice address. Select a shipping method next. The system will calculate the applicable shipping fee. A free shipping code can be added to the order if you received one. Select your method of payment and follow the instructions to enter your credit card details.

    Once your payment is accepted you will receive a confirmation by e-mail containing an order reference. The product(s) will be shipped immediately according to the selected shipping method, along with an invoice.


    How to order direct from Brepols?

    Please send us your orders or information requests by e-mail or regular mail, or simply give us a call.

    When ordering make sure to give us: 

    • the title and the ISBN or reference number of the books to order
    • your name
    • invoice & delivery address, telephone and e-mail address
    • VAT number (if appropriate)
    • client number (if appropriate)

    Please, don't forget to mention your postal mail address in the email-order (we cannot send orders to PO-Boxes).

  • Payment & administrative information

    Terms & Conditions

    You can download our terms & conditions here.


    In case of disputes of a cross-border nature, you may appeal to the Online Dispute Resolution Platform of the European Union.

    How to pay Brepols?

    Enclosed with your parcel you will receive the invoice, including postage and relevant sales-taxes. Payment instructions are available at the bottom of the invoice, if an amount is still due:

    We accept payment in any of three methods:

    SEPA, ACH or international money transfer
    We prefer wire transfers either via SEPA (Europe), ACH (United States) or an international wire transfer (ROW). For our bank details see the payment information box at the bottom of the invoice or see below.

    Please use one of our European IBAN bank account numbers as a destination for your wire transfer. Do not forget to use the SWIFT bank identification code (BIC).

    Customers in the USA can also pay into our American bank account (ACH connected) provided the invoice is quoted in US Dollars. Please contact us to receive the bank details.

    In order to correctly identify your payment, please add the unique Structured Creditor Reference (“RF-code”) to your SEPA or wire transfer in the comments/references field of the payment. This reference is mentioned on the bottom of our invoices (if a payment is required). See also the example:

    This reference is unique to the invoice and enables us to correctly link the payment to the correct document and customer. Please do not add any other comments, references or information to the payment. The RF-code is sufficient. Adding other information can in fact disturb our automatic matching process and could lead to payments not being recorded!

    Only if the RF-code is physically too long to be accepted by your payment system, you can use the alternative reference mentioned on the invoice, in the format: D <voucher number> C <customer number> In that case a manual review of the payment needs to be done at Brepols, which can lead to a delay in the processing of the payment.

    Major credit/debit cards
    Accepted credit cards: VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express
    Accepted debit cards: Maestro, Bancontact

    • If you would like to pay an open invoice using a credit/debit card, please use the unique Structured Creditor Reference ("RF-Code") on the document to pay securely online at at our payment portal https://pay.brepols.net. You can process payments using this site provided the total invoice amount does not exceed 2000 Euro, US Dollar or British Pounds). We no longer accept credit/debit card numbers by fax, email or surface mail.
    • Individuals can pay the full amount of an order using a debit/credit card when ordering through our webshop.
    • Credit card transactions are handled by our partner Ingenico.

    Cheques/checks (US Dollar only)
    We only accept payments by check for invoices quoted in US Dollar. However, for security reasons and to minimise costs, credit cards or money transfers are still advised.

    Please note that we no longer accept European cheques! Please use a SEPA wire transfer instead (see above). For our bank details see the info on our invoices or see below.

    Should you have questions about payments, please contact our customer accounting department.


    Brepols Publishers NV - Information

    Address (offices)
    Brepols Publishers
    Begijnhof 67
    B-2300 Turnhout

    Address (warehouse)
    Brepols Publishers NV
    Tieblokkenlaan 2, Gate C
    B-2300 Turnhout

    VAT number
    BE 0463.139.762
    RPR Turnhout


    Brepols Publishers NV - Bank Account / Compte bancaire

    International and Belgian payments
    Belfius Bank, Turnhout, Belgium
    IBAN: BE53 5522 9134 0053

    United States
    Please contact us for our account number and full bank information.

    For alternative bank information: see our standard invoice.

  • Shipping & delivery information

    Delivery methods & timing

    Using postal networks, delivering worldwide in 1 to 5 weeks and without tracking. Outside the EU your local customs rules can slow down delivery and add extra costs. During the current pandemic, extra delay is possible (e.g. USA 8 to 10 weeks).

    Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are noticing increased transit times for deliveries using postal services outside the EU. For example, deliveries to the USA can take up to 8 to 10 weeks. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. This delivery method cannot be tracked by Brepols nor the customer. Please use a different delivery method if your order is time critical.

    Using FedEx air services, delivering worldwide in 1 to 4 days depending on destination. Outside the EU your local customs rules can slow down delivery and add extra costs.

    Using UPS road services, delivering in Europe in 1 to 4 days depending on destination.

    Secure Shipment
    Using a mix of FedEx road and air services, delivering worldwide in 2 to 10 days depending on destination. Outside the EU your local customs rules can slow down delivery and add extra costs.

    UPS Saver
    Using a mix of UPS road and air services, delivering worldwide in 2 to 10 days depending on destination. Outside the EU your local customs rules can slow down delivery and add extra costs.


    Postage Costs

    Brepols undertakes to minimise shipping costs, based on delivery address, weight and size of the order and shipping method. Using the Brepols webshop, you can calculate exact shipping costs for specific orders.


    Taxes and Duties

    For deliveries to all customers within the European Union (EU) and Switzerland (CH)
    VAT (TVA / MwSt) will be charged according to the applicable EU and Swiss regulations. In short:

    All Belgian customers will be charged Belgian VAT on their orders. (At the moment of writing this is 6% for (electronic) publications and 21% for other services.)

    European Union and Switzerland
    Individuals (or customers without a VAT registration/number) located in other EU countries and Switzerland will be charged with the local VAT rate of the country where the order is delivered.

    Companies that are VAT registered and provide their VAT number to us during order processing will not be charged VAT under the cross-border intra-community supply rules. They should declare our invoices in their VAT declarations.

    For deliveries to customers outside the European Union
    As these are export deliveries there will not be a Belgian/European VAT charge. However, national (import) duties and/or sales taxes can be applied by the local customs agent of the destination country. Brepols is required to fill out customs declarations and cannot estimate or influence the amount of the taxes nor the speed of customs processing. Please contact your domestic customs office for more information.

  • Distribution partners



    English-language titles published by Brepols and Harvey Miller are now available in North America through ISD (warehouse in Bristol, Connecticut).




    Bookshops in the United Kingdom can purchase Harvey Miller books and Brepols Books in English from Marston Book Services.


    Sofédis / Sodis


    Les livres destinés à priori à la vente en librairie en France et dans les pays francophones (F, B, CH, CND) sont distribués dans ces pays par Sofedis / Sodis.




    Selected print books are available from Inspirees in Great China, including China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.