Journal European Yearbook of the History of Psychology, vol. 9

European Yearbook of the History of Psychology 9 (2023)

Sources, Theories, and Models

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  • Publication Year:2024

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    Editorial (Mauro Antonelli)

    Original essays
    “The Wounded Deity”: Rethinking Sex and Eros in C. G. Jung’s Psychology (Tommaso Priviero)
    Categorical vs. Dimensional Approach: Transformation of Scientific Knowledge Concerning the Classification of Personality Disorders (Nora Schierenbeck)
    Giuseppe Sergi’s Peripheral Theory of Emotion and the Response of William James. Some Critical Remarks on Dolore e Piacere (1894) (Denise Vincenti)
    Thass-Thienemann and Fónagy: Two Hungarian Versions of Finding the Unconscious in Language (Katalin Faluvégi & Csaba Pléh)
    Skulls, Nails, and Blood. Are they Effective Remedies for Treating Epilepsy? The Medical Opinion of Tommaso Zefiriele Bovio (1521–1609) (Stefano Daniele)

    Short papers
    Memory and Recognition in Charles Bonnet’s Work (Serge Nicolas)

    Documents and archival material
    On Recognition and Memory. An Unpublished Manuscript by Charles Bonnet (1786). Edition and translation (Serge Nicolas)

    Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies: A History of Migrants and Refugees?
    Introduction (Marco Innamorati)
    Conveying “Black Boxes”: The Transference of Psychotherapeutic Practices. An Introduction (Sonu Shamdasani)
    Political Refuge for Sigmund Freud in Chile: The Imagination of a Better World (Mariano Ruperthuz Honorato)
    Marie Langer’s Exiles. Marxism and Feminism in the Long Journey of a Psychoanalyst (Part 1) (Alejandro Dagfal)
    A German Christian Jew in Rome: Ernst Bernhard and the First Years of Analytical Psychology in Italy (Marco Innamorati & Matteo Fiorani)

    Book reviews
    Challenges of a World History of Psychology. On Hannes Stubbe, Weltgeschichte der Psychologie: Eine Einführung (Saulo de Freitas Araujo)