Journal European Yearbook of the History of Psychology, vol. 4

European Yearbook of the History of Psychology 4 (2018)

Sources, Theories, and Models

Mauro Antonelli (ed)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2018

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-57837-8
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    Editorial (Mauro Antonelli)

    Original essays
    Language and Psychiatry: The Contribution of Silvano Arieti between Biography and Cultural History (Roberta Passione)
    Ludwig Binswanger's Daseinsanalyse at the First "Symposium" on Clinical Psychology in Milan (1952) (Aurelio Molaro)

    Short papers
    Dangerous Passions: The Modern Origins of Medicalization of Emotions (Marco Solinas)

    Unpublished and archival material
    Moments in the History of Italian Psychology in the Unpublished Correspondence between Agostino Gemelli and Ludwig Binswanger (Aurelio Molaro)
    - The Correspondence between Agostino Gemelli and Ludwig Binswanger

    Discussions - 'When Worlds Collide' in Intellectual History
    Introduction (Alex Woodcock)
    Jung and the Quest for Creative Imagination (Tommaso A. Priviero)
    The Forgotten Book of Richard Wilhelm: Chinese Economic Psychology (Dangwei Zhou)
    A Singular View on Psychoanalysis as a Science from James Strachey, London, 1939-43 (Dee McQuillan)
    Kenneth Waltz 1959-79. Three Collisions of IR and Psychology (Alex Woodcock)
    Psycho(-)History. A Case Study in the Construction of an Interdiscipline (Arthur Eaton)

    Interview with Lothar Spillmann (Daniele Zavagno & Mauro Antonelli)

    Book review and reading recommendations
    Review Essay. On Philosophy's Irreconcilable Twins. Horst Gundlach on Wilhelm Windelband, and Psychology in Imperial Germany (Wolfgang Schönpflug)
    Pathfinders in International Psychology, edited by Grant J. Rich and Uwe P. Gielen (John D. Hogan)