Journal Nottingham Medieval Studies, vol. 63

Nottingham Medieval Studies 63 (2019)

Special Issue: Heretical Self-Defence in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Peter Darby, Rob Lutton, Claire Taylor (eds)

  • Pages: ix + 221 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:2 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2019

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58284-9
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    Introduction: Heretical Self-Defence in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages — PETER DARBY, ROB LUTTON AND CLAIRE TAYLOR

    The Best Defence Is a Good Offence: Arnobius the Younger’s Praedestinatus and the Debates on Predestination in Mid-Fifth-Century Rome — RAÚL VILLEGAS MARÍN

    The Heresiology of the Heretic: The Case of the Valentinians — PAUL LINJAMAA

    Paulician Self-Defence and Self-Definition in the Didaskalie — CARL DIXON

    Turning towards Heresy: Bogomils and Self-Defence — MAJA ANGELOVSKA PANOVA

    Inquisition and Popular Pressure in the Languedoc — DEREK HILL

    Talk, Communication, and the Avoidance of Inquisitors in 13th-Century Languedoc’ — SAKU PIHKO

    Self-Defence and Its Limits in Marguerite Porete’s Mirror of Simple Souls — JUSTINE L. TROMBLEY

    Scripting Defence?: Textual Arguments and their Readers amid the Pursuit of Heresy in England — FIONA SOMERSET

    Resistance, Self-Defence or Sticking up for your Friends?: A Discussion of Purgation in the Prosecution of Fifteenth-Century Lollardy — ESTHER LEWIS


    Review Article: ‘No Thanks, But I’ll Send Someone’: Proctors for Parliament: Clergy, Community and Politics, c.1228–1539 (The National Archives, Series SC 10): Volume I: c. 1248–1377, and Volume II: 1377–1539 (by Phil Bradford & Alison K. McHardy) — J. T. ROSENTHAL


    John France, The Medieval Military Engineer. From the Roman Empire to the Sixteenth Century (by P. Purton)
    Georgina Fitzgibbon, The Beginnings of the Cult of Relics (by Robert Wiśniewski)
    Siren Çelik, Coming of Age in Byzantium: Adolescence and Society (ed. by D. Ariantzi)
    Ian Styler, Saints of North-East England, 600–1500 (ed. by Margaret Coombe, Anne Mouron, and Christiania Whitehead)
    Michael Jones, Les structures seigneuriales rurales. Bretagne méridionale (XIVe-XVIe) (by Brice Rabot)
    Michael Leahy, Middle English Mouths: Late Medieval Medical, Religious and Literary Traditions (by Katie L. Walter)