Journal Nottingham Medieval Studies, vol. 54

Nottingham Medieval Studies 54 (2010)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2011

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    Michael Clanchy and Lesley Smith, ‘Abelard’s description of the school of Laon: what might it tell us about early-scholastic teaching?’

    Ian Short, ‘Another Look at “le faus franceis”’

    Amanda Hopkins, ‘The Lay of the Beach and the Breton Lai Genre’

    Diana B. Tyson, ‘Against the king’s taxes – the second manuscript’

    Anne-Helene Miller, ‘Nature and Authorship in Brunetto Latini and Guillaume de Machaut’

    Helen Phillips, ‘Why does Chaucer’s Manciple tell a tale about a Crow?’

    Eugenia Russell, ‘Nicholas Kavasilas Chamaëtos (c.1322-c.1390), a unique voice amongst his contemporaries’

    Hannes Kleineke, ‘The five wills of Humphrey of Stafford, earl of Devon’

    Kate McClune, ‘Malory, the Orkneys and the Sinclairs’

    A.S.G. Edwards, ‘Lydgate in Scotland’

    David Postles, 'Relations between the laity and the parochial clergy during the Henrician Reformation: the case of the north and west Midlands'.

    [Reviews and review articles]