Journal The Journal of Medieval Latin, vol. 27

The Journal of Medieval Latin 27/2017

  • Pages: 383 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Illustrations:6 col.
  • Language(s):English, Latin
  • Publication Year:2017

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-57186-7
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    W. Rudolf, The Earliest Known Manuscript Witness of the Homiliaries of Angers and St. Père de Chartres in Bamberg, Staatsbibliothek, MS Msc.Bibl.30a — W. Wetherbee, The Metamorphosis Goliae Episcopi: A Revised Edition,Translation, and Notes — N. M. Campbell, The Authorship and Function of the Chapter Summaries to Hildegard of Bingen’s Liber diuinorum operum — K. Schepers , Abelard’s Exegesis of the Song of Songs in his Second Letter to Heloise — Chr. R. J. Scheirer, The Eighth-Century Sermon De reddendis decimis in London, British Library, MS Royal 5.E.XIII and Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, MS Aug. perg. 254: Edition, Translation, and Commentary — M. Garcia, Significant Differences: Ambrosian Hymns in Anglo-Latin Metrical Cultures — W. Schipper, "Unpublished" Commentaries by Hrabanus Maurus — R. Hanna, The Wisdom of Poetry: John of Wales’s Defense — M. Otter, Magnum iocum dare: Literature as Play in the Eleventh Century