Journal The Journal of Medieval Latin, vol. 32

The Journal of Medieval Latin 32/2022

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-59755-3
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    The Journal of Medieval Latin, commencing Autumn 1991, has been established by a group of Canadian scholars for the purpose of encouraging new and original investigations in the field of Medieval Latin language and literature. The editors seek to encourage a broad range of articles dealing with every aspect of "Medieval Latin studies", a term that is perhaps better expressed by the German "die lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters."

    The Journal of Medieval Latin, créé en automne 1991, a été fondé par un groupe de chercheurs canadiens dans le but d’encourager une recherche nouvelle et originale dans le domaine de la langue et de la littérature du latin médiéval. Les éditeurs cherchent à rassembler un large éventail d’articles concernant tous les aspects de la ”Medieval Latin Studies”, formule peut-être mieux rendue par la « lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters » allemande.


    Brian Brennan, Episcopal Politics in Sixth-Century Bordeaux: Fortunatus’s Hymnus de Leontio episcopo
    Justin Haynes, Roger Bacon and the Pseudo-Ovidian De vetula
    Tino Licht, Revisiting the Question of Walahfrid Strabo’s Autograph: New Evidence and a New Conclusion
    Leslie Lockett, Towards an Understanding of the Lost Exemplar of Augustine’s Soliloquia Consulted by the Translator of the Old English Soliloquies
    Outi Kaltio, Constantine the African’s Pantegni: The Evolution of Theorica, Book V
    Paul Russell, Gerald of Wales and the Rewriting of Saints’ Lives: The Hagiographical Fragments in London, British Library, MS Cotton Vitellius E.vii
    Brian Long, Decoding the De physicis ligaturis: Text, Translation, Attribution