Journal Food & History, vol. 12.2

Food & History - 12.2 (2014)

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  • Publication Year:2015

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    I. Food consumption, food culture, and the heritage turn

    Pork, Beer and Margarine. Danish Food Consumption 1900-2000: National Characteristics and Common Nordic Traits
    Tenna Jensen

    Entre exotisme et tradition: Bruxelles et ses restaurants italiens dans la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle
    Gaëlle Van Ingelgem

    Food Studies and the Heritage Turn: a Conceptual Repertoire
    Anneke Geyzen

    II. Optimizing diets

    Good Food and Hard Times: Ambrose Heath’s Contribution to British Food Culture of the 1930s and the War Years
    Phil Lyon

    Artificial Infant Nutrition in the Context of Science and Economy in the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries
    Jörg Vögele, Michael Martin, and Luisa Rittershaus

    III. Medieval legal dimensions

    From the Bakehouse to the Courthouse: Bakers, Baking, and the Assize of Bread in Late Medieval England
    Sarah Peters Kernan

    Book reviews / Comptes rendus

    Ilias ANAGNOSTAKIS (ed.), Flavours and Delights. Tastes and Pleasures of Ancient and Byzantine Cuisine (Athens–Thessaloniki, Armos Publications, 2013)
    By Ewald Kislinger

    Alvise CORNARO, Writings on the Sober Life: the Art and Grace of Living Long. Introduction and Essay by Marisa MILANI. Translated by Hiroko FUDEMOTO (Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2014)
    By David Gentilcore

    Allen J. FRANTZEN, Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England (Woodbridge, Boydell, 2014)
    By Alban Gautier

    Eugene N. ANDERSEN, Food and Environment in Early and Medieval China (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)
    By Hang Lin

    Heather Arndt ANDERSON, Breakfast: A History (Lanham–New York–Toronto–Plymouth, Alta Mira Press, 2013)
    Farha TERNIKAR, Brunch: A History (Lanham–New York–Toronto–Plymouth, Alta Mira Press, 2014)
    Megan ELIAS, Lunch: A History (Lanham–New York–Toronto–Plymouth, Alta Mira Press, 2014)
    By Kaori O’Connor

    Panikos PANAYI, Fish & Chips. A History (London, Reaktion Books, 2014)
    By Nelleke Teughels

    Kaori O’CONNOR, The Never-Ending Feast: The Anthropology and Archaeology of Feasting (London, Bloomsbury, 2015)
    By Matthew E. Biwer

    Paul S. LLOYD, Food and Identity in England, 1540 1640. Eating To Impress (London, Bloomsbury, 2015)
    By Philippe Meyzie