Book Series Medieval Church Studies, vol. 23

Wycliffite Controversies

Mishtooni C. A. Bose, J. Patrick Hornbeck II (eds)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2012

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-53457-2
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 An interdisciplinary contribution to the latest scholarship on Wyclif, Wycliffism, and lollardy.


"For a concentrated overview of scholarship devoted to Lollardy, one can do no better at the moment than Wycliffite Controversies." (Kathleen E. Kennedy, in: The Medieval Review, 13.01.17)

"The footnoted definitions provide a good basis for contrasting the various concepts and approaches that constitute the idea of a Wycliffite or lollard for a scholar. A second fruit of the volume is scholarly conversation in the broadest possible sense." (Tamás Karáth, in: sehepunkte, 12 (2012), 15.12.2012)

"Wycliffite Controversies is a very welcome addition to Lollardy and Wyclif scholarship, demonstrating as it does the calibre of the scholars working in this area and the vibrancy of the research being produced. It will be of great interest to scholars of late medieval religious history in general." (Lesley M. O'Brien, in: Parergon 31.2, 2014, p. 145-146)

"Durch drei Indices erschlossen, bietet der Band wichtige Beitrage zu Religion, Gesellschaft und Literatur des englischen Spät-MA." (Jens Röhrkasten, in: Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters, Band 70-1, 2015, p. 346-347)


The philosophical and theological ideas of John Wyclif, their dissemination among clerical and lay audiences, and the movement of religious dissent associated with his name all provoked sharp controversies in late medieval England. This volume brings together the very latest scholarship on Wyclif and Wycliffism, with its contributors exploring in interdisciplinary fashion the historical, literary, and theological resonances of the Wycliffite controversies. Far from adhering to the traditional binary divide between ‘orthodoxy’ and ‘heresy’ as a tool for explaining the religious turmoil of the late fourteenth, fifteenth, and early sixteenth centuries, essays here explore the construction and rhetorical use of those terms, collectively producing a more nuanced account of the religious history of pre-Reformation England. Topics include the use of religious lyrics and tables of lessons as indirect rebuttals of Wycliffite claims; the social networks through which dissenters transmitted their ideas; dissenting and mainstream readings of Scripture; the ‘survival’ of Wycliffism in the run-up to Henry VIII's reformation; and the fate of Wyclif and Wycliffism in later historiography. Leading contributors include Anne Hudson, Alastair Minnis, and Peter Marshall.


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Wycliffite ‘Affiliations’: Some Intellectual-Historical Perspectives - KANTIK GHOSH

A Contextualized Wyclif — Magister Sacrae Paginae - IAN CHRISTOPHER LEVY

Wyclif ’s Eden: Sex, Death, and Dominion - ALASTAIR MINNIS

‘Who Is My Neighbour?’ Some Problems of Definition on the Borders of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy - ANNE HUDSON

Lollardy, Orthodoxy, and Cognitive Psychology - ROB LUTTON

Lollardy and Late Medieval History - IAN FORREST

Lollard Writings, Literary Criticism, and the Meaningfulness of Form - SHANNON GAYK

The Sanctorale, Thomas of Woodstock’s English Bible, and the Orthodox Appropriation of Wycliffite Tables of Lessons - MATTI PEIKOLA

‘To þe worschipe of God and profite of his peple’: Lollard Sermons on the Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard - MARY RASCHKO

Behaving Paradoxically? Wycliffites, Shrines, and Relics - ROBYN MALO

The Lollards’ Threefold Biblical Agenda - MARY DOVE †

Discarding Traditional Pastoral Ethics: Wycliffism and Slander - EDWIN CRAUN

The Deafening Silence of Lollardy in the Digby Lyrics - HELEN BARR

Lollard Networks - MAUREEN JURKOWSKI

Wycklyffes Wycket and Eucharistic Theology: Cases from Sixteenth-Century Winchester - J. PATRICK HORNBECK II

Lollards and Protestants Revisited - PETER MARSHALL


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