Journal The Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol. 3

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 2008

Judith Lerner, Lilla Russell-Smith (eds)

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  • Publication Year:2009

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    Table of Contents:

    Philip Denwood, The Tibetans in the West, Part I - Géza Fehérvári, The Lions of Ghazni - Imre Galambos, The Third Otani Expedition at Dunhuang. Acquisition of the Japanese Collection of Dunhuang Manuscripts - Sascha Priewe, The ‘Stein Loan Collection’: Ceramics and Buddhist Art from the Silk Roads in the Victoria and Albert Museum - Elizabeth Rosen Stone, Some Begram Ivories and the South Indian Narrative Tradition: New Evidence

    The Kingdom of Khotan to AD 1000: A Meeting of Cultures

    Ursula Sims-Williams, Introduction

    Duan Qing, Bisa- and Halaa- in a New Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Document – Hiroshi Kumamoto, A St. Petersburg Bilingual Document and Problems of the Chronology of Khotan - Mauro Maggi and Anna Filigenzi, Pelliot tibétain 2222: a Dunhuang Painting with a Khotanese Inscription - Giuliana Martini, Tracing the sources of the Bookf of Zambasta: the Case of the Yaksa Painter Smile and the Ratnakuta - Rong Xinjiang and Wen Xin, Newly Discovered Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Tallies - Prods Oktor Skjærvø, The End of Eighth-Century Khotan in Its Texts - Tsuguhito Takeuchi, Tshar, srang, and tshan: Administrative Units in Tibetan-ruled  Khotan - Zhang Guangda and Rong Xinjiang, On the Dating of Khotanese Documents from the Area of Khotan - Zhang Yuzhong, Qu Tao and Liu Guorui, A Newly Discovered Buddhist Temple and Wall Paintings at Dandan-Uiliq in Xinjiang - Zhao Feng and Wang Le, Textiles and Clothing Excavated from the Tombs of Buzak in Khotan


    Elena E. Kuz’mina, The Origin of the Indo-Iranians and E. E. Kuzmina, The Prehistory of the Silk Road (Burzine Waghmar)

    Prudence O. Harper, In Search of a Cultural Identity: Monuments and Artifacts of the Sasanian Near East, 3rd to 7th Century A.D. (St. John Simpson)


    Le Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology est une nouvelle revue lancée par le Circle of Inner Asian Art, remplaçant la Newsletter (parutions 1 à 20, 1995-2005), qui était devenue un forum de discussion et de publication important pour les projets de recherche et de travail de terrain sur l’art et l’archéologie de la Haute-Asie. Fait unique, la revue couvre les vastes régions côtoyant les anciennes routes de la soie, du monde iranien à la Chine occidentale et des steppes russes à l’Inde du nord-ouest. Le centre d’intérêt principal de la revue sera la période pré-islamique dans l’art et l’archéologie de la Haute-Asie. Des articles scientifiques connexes sur les langues et l’histoire seront également publiés.