Journal The Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol. 6

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 2011

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  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2015

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    Luca M. OLIVIERI, "The Last Phases at Barikot: Domestic Cults and Preliminary Chronology. Data from the 2012 Excavation Campaign in Swat"

    Mutalib KHASANOV and M. H. ISAMIDDINOV, "Ceramic Imitations of Metalwork of the Early Hellenistic Period in Kurgancha (South Sogd)"

    Geraldine FRAY, Frantz GRENET, Mutalib KHASANOV, Marina REUTOVA, and Maria RIEP, "A Pastoral Festival on a Wall Painting from Afrasiab (Samarkand)"

    Lyndon A. ARDEN-WONG, "Preliminary Thoughts on a Marble Tablet from Karabalgasun"

    Jan BEMMANN, Thomas H=D6LLMANN, Birte AHRENS, Thomas KAISER, and Shing MUELLER, "A Stone Quarry in the Orkhon Valley"

    Etienne de la VAISSIERE, "Two Sogdian(?) Tombs from Gansu. A Preliminary Note"

    T. H. BARRETT, "Transcribed Printers=92 Colophons at Dunhuang as Evidence for Early Printing"

    Marilyn GRIDLEY, "Yulin Cave 30 and Uygur Patronage: Origin and Transmittal of the Theme of Guanyin with Luohans"

    Gábor KÓSA, "The Sun, The Moon and Paradise - An Interpretation of the Upper Section of the Chinese Manichaean Cosmology Painting"

    Annette L. JULIANO and Judith A. LERNER, "Conference Notes. 'Sogdians in China: New Evidence in Archaeological Finds and Unearthed Texts'

    Katheryn M. LINDUFF and Karen S. RUBINSON, "Elena Efimovna Kuz'mina(Kuzmina) (1930-2013)"