Journal The Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology, vol. 2

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 2/2007

Lilla Russell-Smith, Judith Lerner (eds)

  • Pages: 200 p.
  • Size:215 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:20 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2008

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    Articles on Western Central Asia:
    Etsuko KAGEYAMA: “The Winged Crown and the Triple-crescent Crown in the Sogdian Funerary Monuments from China:
    Their Relation to the Hephthalite Occupation of Central Asia”
    Fiona KIDD: “A Bone Pin From Kazakl’i-Yatkan/Akcha-Khan-Kala, Chorasmia”
    Susanne NOVOTNY: “The Buddhist Monastery of Fondukistān, Afghanistan – A Reconstruction”
    Prods Oktor SKJAERVØ: “A Postscript on ‘The Seal of a Eunuch in the Sasanian Court’”

    Articles in Honour of Professor Roderick Whitfield:
    Wen C. FONG: “About Professor Whitfield”
    Timothy BARRETT: “Dunhuang and the Origins of Zen Printing”
    Philip DENWOOD: “The Tibetans in the Western Himalayas and Karakoram, Seventh-Eleventh Centuries:
    Rock Art and Inscriptions”
    Amy HELLER: “Lions and Elephants in Tibet, Eighth to Ninth Centuries”
    Puay-Peng HO: “Housing Maitreya: Depictions of the Tusita Heaven at Dunhuang”
    Angela F. HOWARD: “Miracles and Visions among the Monastic Communities of Kucha, Xinjiang”
    Regina KRAHL: “Reflections of Roman Glass in Chinese Ceramics”
    LIU Heping: “Juecheng: An Indian Buddhist Monk Painter in the Early Eleventh-Century Chinese Court”
    James LIN: “Khotan Jades in the Fitzwilliam Museum Collection”
    MENG Sihui: “Two Art Schools in Yuan Temple Wall paintings in Shanxi Province”
    NING Qiang: “Visualization Practice and the Function of the Western Paradise Images in Turfan and Dunhuang in the Sixth to Seventh Centuries”
    Helen WANG and WANG Tao: “The Anau Seal and the Questions It Raises”
    Dorothy WONG: “The Case of Amoghapāśa”
    YEN Chih-hung: “Imagined Pure-Lands of Bhaisajyaguru by Chinese and Tanguts”
    Peter ZIEME: “Caitiya Veneration – an Uigur Manuscript with Portraits of Donors”
    Book reviews