Journal Romance Philology, vol. 60

Romance Philology 60 (Fall 2006)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2007

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    B. De Marco, Preface

    S. N. Dworkin, Introduction

    A Nearly Definitive Auto-Bibliography


    J.R. Craddock, The Romance Descendants of Latin cancer and vespera – Spanish in North America – Las categirías derivacionales de los sufijos átonos: pícaro, páparo y afines – Lexical Analysis of Southwest Spanish – The Contextual Varieties of yod: An Attempt at Systematization – New World Spanish – Portugués antiguo sandeu, castellano antiguo sandío ‘loco’ – Descending Diphtongs and the Regular Preterite in Hispano-Romance – The Diphtong /ay/-/ey/ in Toledan Mozarabic – La General estoria, Parte IV, de Alfonso el Sabio y la síncopa nominal y verbal en el español alfonsí – Castellano antiguo nasco ‘nació, visco ‘vivió’ – Historia del español en los Estados Unidos – A Small Old Spanish Mystery: Why Wasn’t *did(e) the First Singular Preterite of dar ‘to give’? – Spanish Place Names in the United States – Systematic Vowel Shifting in Vulgar Latin and Middle English – Spanish in the United States