Journal Romance Philology, vol. 64/2

Romance Philology 64/2 (Fall 2010)

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  • Publication Year:2011

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    Defining philology in its broadest sense, Romance Philology is broad and deep in its coverage: fields of enquiry include late Latin, the medieval literatures of the Romance languages, historical and general linguistics, and textual criticism. In recent years, particular emphasis has been placed on the development of the Romance languages in the Americas. Two issues are published each year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. In the half century of its publication, Romance Philology established an international reputation as one of the most prestigious journals dedicated to the linguistic history and medieval literature of the Romance languages.

    En définissant la philologie dans son sens le plus large, Romance Philology couvre un champ vaste et profond qui inclut le latin tardif, la littérature médiévale des langues romanes, la linguistique générale et historique et la critique textuelle. Ces dernières années, l’accent a été mis sur le développement des langues romanes sur le continent américain. Deux numéros sont publiés chaque année, à l’automne et au printemps. Dans le demi-siècle qui a suivi sa fondation, Romance Philology a acquis une réputation internationale comme étant une des revues les plus prestigieuses dédiées à l’histoire linguistique et la littérature médiévale des langues romanes.


    Special issue In memoriam: Ray Harris-Northall (1953–2009)

    Preface - Barbara De Marco

    Introduction - Jerry R. Craddock

    Ray Harris-Northall: Bibliography - Donald N. Tuten and Ivy A. Corfis

    Intersective Gradience: Possessive Modifi ers from Latin to Italian - Janice Aski

    Thoughts on the Re-Latinization of the Spanish Lexicon - Steven N. Dworkin

    Algunas cuestiones respecto a la pérdida de arabismos en español peninsular - Patricia Giménez-Eguibar

    The Evolution of Clausal Temporal Modifi ers in Spanish and French - Chad Howe and Diane L. Ranson

    Morphological Mismatch and Temporal Reference in Interaction with Lexical Semantics in Spanish - Matthew L. Juge

    Documenting yeísmo in Medieval and Colonial Spanish Texts - Sonia Kania

    Some New Thoughts on Old Spanish Second-Person Plural Verb Endings - Cynthia Kauffeld

    The Evolution of the University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary - David Pharies

    Ramón Menéndez Pidal’s Concept of “Latent State” and the History of Spanish Aspectual Constructions - Natalya I. Stolova

    The Loss of Spanish -udo participles as a Problem of Actuation - Donald N. Tuten

    Temprana marcación acusativa en el hispanorromance - Omar Velázquez-Mendoza and Robert J. Blake

    On the Palatalization of Latin /ŋn/ in Western- and Italo-Romance - Kenneth J. Wireback