Journal European Medieval Drama, vol. 2

European Medieval Drama 2 (1998)

Papers from the Second International Conference on European Medieval Drama, Camerino, 4-6 July 1997

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:1998

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    Contents of volume 2:Alexandra Johnston, 'At the still point of the turning world: Augustinian roots of medieval dramaturgy'; Peter Meredith, 'The professional travelling players of the fifteenth century: myth or reality?'; John C. Coldewey, 'Thrice-told tales: renegotiating early English drama'; Peter Happé, 'Cycle plays: the state of the art'; Enrico Giaccherini, 'Theatrical Chaucer'; Graham Caie, 'Unfaithful wives and weeping bitches: "Den utro hustru"; Elsa Strietman, 'Pawns or prime movers? The Rhetoricians in the struggle for power in the Low Coountries'; John Cartwright, 'Modes of performance at the Antwerp "Haagspel" of 1561'; Jacques Tersteeg, 'The fourteenth-century, middle-Dutch, secular play of "Esmoreit"'; Femke Kramer, 'How to stage an "Abel spel": reflections on the theatrical treatment of historical play-texts'; Kusue Kurokawa, 'Producing the "Harrowing of Hell" and "Last Judgement": plays in a Japanese Buddhist drama style'; Robert Potter, 'The holy spectacles of Hildegard of Bingen'; Evelyn S. Newlyn, 'Middle Cornish drama at the Millennium'; Sydney Higgins, 'Playing the serpent: devil, virgin or mythical beast?'; Jay E. Moore, 'The scapegoat in the Spanish "Auto sacramental"; Peter Thomson, 'Gestus revisited: Balaam and Balaak in Chester'; Theresia De Vroom, 'In the context of "rough music": the representation of unequal couples in some medieval plays; André Lascombes, 'Revisiting "The Croxton Play of the Sacrament": spectacle and the other's voice'; Lesley Wade Soule, 'Subverting the mysteries: the Devil as anti-character'.