Book Series Tributes, vol. 5

Tributes to Nigel J. Morgan

Contexts of Medieval Art: Images, Objects and Ideas

Julian Luxford, Michael Michael (eds)

  • Pages: 386 p.
  • Size:210 x 275 mm
  • Illustrations:148 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2010

  • ISBN: 978-1-905375-29-5
  • Hardback
  • Available


"This is an absorbing volume, kaleidoscopic in nature." (R. Watson, in: AMARC Newsletter, no. 58, May 2012, p. 24-26)

"Après une très utile liste des travaux de Nigel Morgan, ce volume réunit un bel ensemble de contributions. (...) Par l'ampleur des travaux réunis, ce volume d'hommage est à la hauteur d'un collègue éminent, qui continue avec bonheur sa magnifique contribution à l'histoire de l'art médiévale en général, et du manuscrit enluminé en particulier." (Christian Heck, dans Bulletin monumental, Tome 170-4, 2012, p. 365-367)


This volume is published in honour of Nigel Morgan, whose meticulous scholarship and inspiring teaching have contributed so richly to the study of medieval art. The thematic and material variety of its essays reflect the range of Nigel Morgan's interests, while the backgrounds of the various contributors suggest the truly international flavour of a long and influential career.


J.J.G. Alexander, ‘An English Twelfth-Century Manuscript of Hugh of St. Victor and Examples of Italian Fitfteenth-Century Illumination in the Lilly Library, Bloomington, Indiana’; J. Barclay-Lloyd, ‘Creating a Medieval Interior in Melbourne: the Stained Glass Windows of St. Patrick’s Cathedral’; A. Bennett, ‘A French Cleric’s Handbook of Devotions of the Early Thirteenth Century’; P. Binski, ‘The Ante-Reliquary Chapel Paintings in Norwich Cathedral: The Holy Blood, St. Richard and All Saints’; M. Campbell, ‘An English Medieval Jug’; L. Dennison, ‘A Unique Monument: the Brass of Philippe de Mézières’; E. Duffy, ‘The Four Latin Doctors in Late Medieval England’; R. Gibbs, ‘Dreams of Salvation: Vitale da Bologna’s Mezzaratta Nativity and its Progeny’; G. Henderson, ‘The Idiosyncrasies of a Thirteenth-Century Illustrator: The Old Testament Cycle in St. John’s College Cambridge, Ms.K.26 Revisited’; T.A. Heslop, ‘Attending at Calvary: an Early Fifteenth-Century English Panel Painting’; M. Kauffmann, ‘The Alheide Psalter, a Thuringian Manuscript Recording Three Hundred Years of Private Devotion’; D. King, ‘John de Warenne, Emund Gonville and the Thetford Dominican Altar Paintings’; P. Klein, ‘The Meaning of Fables in the Bayeux Tapestry’; S. Lewis, ‘‘Apocalypses’ in Text and Image: From Translation to Transformation in Fourteenth-Century Vernacular Apocalypses’; J. Luxford, ‘The Monumental Epitaph of Edmund Crouchback’; M. Manion, ‘Illuminating a Liturgical Text for Lay Use: The Late Medieval Breviary’; R. Marks, ‘The Dean and the Transsexual; Or Why Did John Colet Desire Burial Before the Image of St. Uncumber’; M. Michael, ‘Transnationality: The Wilton Dyptich as Text’; R. Pfaff, ‘The Glastonbury Collectar’; K.-G. Pfändtner, ‘The Last Knight’s Search for his Schoolbooks: Emperor Maximilian I and Early Book Conservation Strategies’; U. Plahter, ‘Norwegian Frontals and Early Medieval Oil Painting’; N. Rogers, ‘The Frenze Palimpsest’; L. Sandler, ‘Mary de Bohun’s Libellus of Devotional Readings on the Virgin Mary, St. Mary Magdalene and St. Margaret’; J. Stratford, ‘Clerks, Forfeiture and Books’; R. Thomson, ‘The Bury Bible – Further Thoughts’; P. Tudor-Craig, ‘St. Francis and the Psalter of Alphonso BL Addition 24686’