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The Medici Archive Project

Editor: Sheila Barker
Publishing Manager: Johan Van der Beke
Imprint: Harvey Miller
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ISSN 2565-8352

Method of peer review
single-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

Medici, Archives, Palaeography, Florence, Tuscany, Diplomacy, Collecting, Courts, Europe, 1500-1750

Accepted Language(s):
English, Italian


The point of departure and thematic node of this series are the history of Medici dynasty and their cultural and political primacy in sixteenth- to eighteenth-century Europe. Significant attention will be paid to those scholarly works that employ the four million letter archive (Mediceo del Principato) of the Medici Grand Dukes (1537-1743). MAP's mission is to make this vast, largely unpublished archival material available: currently, MAP's on-line platform "BIA" features over 25,000 transcribed and circa 350,000 digitized letters. In order to further corner the market of archival and Medici studies, this series will also consider manuscripts that have elaborated an early modern topic using significant and original archival sources outside the Mediceo del Principato and in which the Medici---both the merchant/banking family of the Quattrocento and the Grand Ducal dynasty (1537-1743)---are treated less prominently. MAP intends to promote both traditional monographic studies as well as collections of essays. The range of topics includes art history, diplomatic history history of collecting, religious history, history of medicine, history of music, history of science, book history and military history in Renaissance and early modern Europe, with a particular emphasis on Tuscany and Italy.


    Nicole Bourgois
    Sheila ffolliott
    Antonia Fondaras
    George T. Frampton, Jr. (Board Chair)
    Joan A. McClure
    Martha McGeary Snider
    Joanna Milstein
    Robert B. Strassler
    Julia A. Vicioso
    Howard Yang

    Nicholas Scott Baker, Macquarie University
    Luciano Cinelli, Biblioteca Domenicana di Santa Maria Novella
    Paula Findlen, Stanford University
    Catherine Fletcher, Swansea University
    Mary D. Garrard, American University
    Tamar Herzig, Tel Aviv University
    Yaakov Mascetti, Bar-Ilan University
    Stephen J. Milner, University of Manchester
    Franco Mormando, Boston College
    Lorenzo Polizzotto, University of Western Australia
    Paolo Simoncelli, Sapienza – Università di Roma
    Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, National Gallery of Art (Washington)
    Sharon Strocchia, Emory University
    Henk Th. van Veen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

    Lorenzo Allori
    Maurizio Arfaioli
    Alessio Assonitis (Director)
    Sheila Barker (Series Editor)
    Stefano Dall’Aglio
    Brendan Dooley
    John Henderson
    Piergabriele Mancuso
    Giordano Mastrocola
    Carlotta Paltrinieri
    Luciano Piffanelli
    Marcello Simonetta
    Mark Spyropoulos


    Main Language: English
    Additional Language: Italian

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.

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