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Gender and Sexuality in the Global Middle Ages

Editors: Laura Kalas Elizabeth Kinne
Publishing Manager: Jirki Thibaut

Method of peer review
double-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

Medieval, Gender, Sexuality, Sex, Global, Bodies, Race, Religion, Interdisciplinarity, History, 500-1550 A.D.

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The series ‘Gender and Sexuality in the Global Middle Ages’ explores questions of intersectional gender and sexuality – broadly interpreted – in a global medieval context. The series seeks to make significant theoretical contributions to feminist scholarship by historicizing gender and sexuality in diverse ways. Publications in this series explore the meanings that medieval peoples attached to gender, bodies, sex, sexual identity and behaviours, desire, practices, materiality, ability and disability, race and religion, within particular medieval periods and places, not only in the medieval west. The series encourages disciplinary and interdisciplinary variety via, for example, historical, literary, philosophical, theoretical, art historical, archaeological, medical, legal, socio-economic and palaeographical approaches. It considers submissions in the form of monographs, tightly-focused edited volumes, and new editions of medieval texts. The series welcomes innovative and ground-breaking submissions from diverse locations, and supports a capacious and intersectional study of gender.


    Roland Betancourt, University of California
    Glenn Burger, City University of New York
    Emma Campbell, University of Warwick
    Gareth Evans, Oxford University
    Jonathan Hsy, George Washington University
    Dorothy Kim, Brandeis University
    Katherine Lewis, University of Huddersfield
    Roberta Magnani, Swansea University
    Kathryn Maude, American University of Beirut
    Mary Rambaran-Olm, University of Toronto
    Sif Ríkharðsdóttir, University of Iceland
    Michelle Sauer, University of North Dakota
    Laura Varnam, Oxford University


    The series exists under the broad auspices of the Gender and Medieval Studies Group (GMS), U.K.:

    Main Language: English

    Double-blind undertaken by specialist members of the Board or external specialists

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.

    Author guidelines in English can be found at:

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    Jirki Thibaut: