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Brepols Collected Essays in European Culture

Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté
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ISSN 2506-8024

Method of peer review
double-blind undertaken by an external specialist (i.c. appointed by the Board)

Medieval Studies, Cultural History, History of Christianity, Art History, Europe, Military History, Religious culture, Medieval Literature

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Brepols Collected Essays in European Culture offers definitive surveys of key subject areas in medieval studies. Whether a collation of eminent essays on a subject by a leading author in that field, or a collection of new essays which introduce and redefine a subject area, these volumes serve as indispensible and authoritative companions for some of the most important areas of medieval research. As such, they provide access within a single volume to some of the most vital essays on a subject.

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Spiritual Literature in the Late Medieval Low Countries

Essays by Thom Mertens John Arblaster, Patricia Stoop, Daniël Ermens, Veerle Fraeters, Kees Schepers (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-58100-2 BCEEC 7 | 2024 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback)

Popes, Bishops, and the Progress of Canon Law, c.1120–1234

Anne J. Duggan (auth) <br /> Travis Baker (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-58547-5 BCEEC 6 | 2020 € 140,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback)

Loyalty in the Middle Ages

Ideal and Practice of a Cross-Social Value Jörg Sonntag, Coralie Zermatten (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-55103-6 BCEEC 5 | 2016 € 130,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55120-3 € 130,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Instruments, Ensembles, and Repertory, 1300-1600

Essays in Honour of Keith Polk Timothy J. McGee, Stewart Carter (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54161-7 BCEEC 4 | 2014 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-54200-3 € 120,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Warrior Neighbours

Crusader Valencia in its International Context, Collected Essays of Father Robert I. Burns, SJ Fr. Robert I. Burns (auth) <br /> Mary Elizabeth Perry (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-53215-8 BCEEC 2 | 2013 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-53947-8 € 110,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Looking in Holy Books

Essays on Late Medieval Religious Writing in England Vincent Gillespie
ISBN 978-2-503-53687-3 BCEEC 3 | 2012 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback)

Medieval Holy Women in the Christian Tradition c.1100-c.1500

Alastair Minnis, Rosalynn Voaden (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-53180-9 BCEEC 1 | 2010 € 145,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-53699-6 € 145,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)