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Studies in the History of Daily Life (AD 800-1600)

Editor: Gerhard Jaritz
Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté
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ISSN 2565-8212

Method of peer review
single-blind undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist

Social History, Cultural History, Everyday Life, Gender Studies, Material Culture, Medieval Archaeology, Religious Communities, Social Networks, Up to 17th century

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This series presents studies into how people lived in the past through the perspective of habitualized, routine, and repetitive behaviour. By exploring both mentality and material culture, it encourages comparative and interdisciplinary studies based on the evidence of various types of texts, visual sources, and archaeological findings. Comparisons of image and reality, and norm and practice are addressed, while the role of symbols and signs, and the different levels and uses of space, are explored. Through this unique approach, the series opens up important new perspectives on the history of daily life. Indications of interest for both monographs and edited collections are invited.


    General Editor

    Gerhard Jaritz, Central European University

    Editorial Board

    David Austin, University of Wales Lampeter
    Christian Krötzl, University of Tampere
    Svetlana Luchitskaya, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Anu Mänd, University of Tallinn
    Daniel Smail, Harvard University


    Main language: English

    Single-blind undertaken by (a) specialist member(s) of the Board or (an) external specialist(s)

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.

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    Submissions should be addressed to the Publishing Manager, Brepols Publishers.

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Gender and Status Competition in Pre-Modern Societies

Martha Bayless, Jonas Liliequist, Lewis Webb (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-59632-7 HDL 10 | 2022 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-59633-4 € 85,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

The Rural World in the Sixteenth Century

Exploring the Archaeology of Innovation in Europe Idoia Grau Sologestoa, Umberto Albarella (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-59705-8 HDL 11 | 2022 € 65,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-59706-5 € 65,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Material Exchanges in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Archaeological Perspectives Magdalena E. Naum, Jette Linaa, Sergio Escribano-Ruiz (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-59399-9 HDL 9 | 2021 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-59400-2 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Games and Visual Culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Vanina Kopp, Elizabeth Lapina (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-58872-8 HDL 8 | 2021 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-58873-5 € 85,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Folk Songs and Material Culture in Medieval Central Europe

Old Stones and New Music Nancy van Deusen
ISBN 978-2-503-54132-7 HDL 6 | 2019 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55838-7 € 120,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Daily Life on the Istrian Frontier

Living on a Borderland in the Sixteenth Century Robert Kurelić
ISBN 978-2-503-55186-9 HDL 7 | 2019 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55835-6 € 85,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Intricate Interfaith Networks in the Middle Ages

Quotidian Jewish-Christian Contacts Ephraim Shoham-Steiner (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-54429-8 HDL 5 | 2016 € 115,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-54483-0 € 115,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Childhood Disability and Social Integration in the Middle Ages

Constructions of Impairments in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Canonization Processes Jenni Kuuliala
ISBN 978-2-503-55185-2 HDL 4 | 2016 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55833-2 € 120,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Objects, Environment, and Everyday Life in Medieval Europe

Ben Jervis, Lee G. Broderick, Idoia Grau-Sologestoa (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-55503-4 HDL 3 | 2016 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-56204-9 € 110,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

On Old Age

Approaching Death in Antiquity and the Middle Ages Christian Krötzl, Katariina Mustakallio (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-53216-5 HDL 2 | 2012 € 95,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-53983-6 € 95,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Gender, Miracles, and Daily Life

The Evidence of Fourteenth-Century Canonization Processes Sari Katajala-Peltomaa
ISBN 978-2-503-52958-5 HDL 1 | 2009 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55832-5 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)