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Early European Research

Editors: Jacqueline Van Gent Kirk Essary
Publishing Manager: Guy Carney
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ISSN 2295-9254

Method of peer review
double-blind undertaken by an external specialist (i.c. appointed by the Board)

Accepted Language(s):
English, French

Accepts Contributions in Open Access


Early European Research is a series that explores how the social and intellectual history of pre-modern Europe both shapes and challenges contemporary Western society. Its publications consider issues such as: models of individual and collective identity; gender and power structures; conflict, peace and war; social capital and poverty; changing approaches to science and medicine, and ways of treating the environment and alien cultures.


    General Editors
    Kirk Essary, University of Western Australia
    Jacqueline Van Gent, University of Western Australia

    Editorial Board
    Tracy Adams, University of Auckland
    Emilia Jamroziak, University of Leeds
    Matthias Meyer, Universität Wien
    Fabrizio Ricciardelli, Kent State University Florence Center
    Juanita Feros Ruys, University of Sydney
    Jón Viðar Sigurðsson, Universitetet i Oslo
    Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto


    Main language accepted: English
    Occasional language: French

    All volumes in this series are evaluated by an Editorial Board, strictly on academic grounds, based on reports prepared by referees who have been commissioned by virtue of their specialism in the appropriate field. The Board ensures that the screening is done independently and without conflicts of interest. The definitive texts supplied by authors are also subject to review by the Board before being approved for publication.

    English short references can be found at:

    Submissions should be addressed to the series publishing manager Guy Carney (

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Inter-Ethnic Relations and the Functioning of Multi-Ethnic Societies

Cohesion in Multi-Ethnic Societies in Europe from c. 1000 to the Present, II Przemyslaw Wiszewski (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-60228-8 EER 18 | 2023 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-60229-5 (E-book)

Risk, Emotions, and Hospitality in the Christianization of the Baltic Rim, 1000-1300

Wojtek Jezierski
ISBN 978-2-503-60039-0 EER 17 | 2022 € 50,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-60099-4 € 50,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Historiography and the Shaping of Regional Identity in Europe

Regions in Clio’s Looking Glass Dick E. H. de Boer, Luis Adao da Fonseca (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-59071-4 EER 16 | 2020 € 90,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-59073-8 € 90,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Memories in Multi-Ethnic Societies

Cohesion in Multi-Ethnic Societies in Europe from c. 1000 to the Present, I Przemyslaw Wiszewski (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-58890-2 EER 15 | 2020 € 115,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-58891-9 € 115,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Luxury and the Ethics of Greed in Early Modern Italy

Catherine Kovesi (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-58011-1 EER 14 | 2019 € 100,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-58012-8 € 100,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Emotion and Medieval Textual Media

Mary C. Flannery (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-57781-4 EER 13 | 2019 € 90,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-57782-1 € 90,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe

Elise M. Dermineur (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-57052-5 EER 12 | 2018 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-57053-2 (E-book)

Performing Emotions in Early Europe

Philippa Maddern †, Joanne McEwan, Anne M. Scott (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-57237-6 EER 11 | 2018 € 95,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-57296-3 € 95,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Languages of Power in Italy (1300-1600)

Daniel Bornstein, Laura Gaffuri, Brian Jeffrey Maxson (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54038-2 EER 10 | 2017 € 85,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-54324-6 € 85,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Cosmographical Novelties in French Renaissance Prose (1550–1630)

Dialectic and Discovery Raphaële Garrod
ISBN 978-2-503-55045-9 EER 9 | 2016 € 120,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55789-2 € 120,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Understanding Emotions in Early Europe

Michael Champion, Andrew Lynch (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-55264-4 EER 8 | 2015 € 110,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55288-0 € 110,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

'Fama' and her Sisters

Gossip and Rumour in Early Modern Europe Claire Walker, Heather Kerr (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54184-6 EER 7 | 2015 € 90,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55781-6 € 90,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Identities in Early Modern English Writing

Religion, Gender, Nation Lorna Fitzsimmons (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-54231-7 EER 6 | 2014 € 90,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55788-5 € 90,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Friendship and Social Networks in Scandinavia, c. 1000-1800

Jón Viðar Sigurðsson, Thomas Småberg (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-54248-5 EER 5 | 2013 € 95,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-54260-7 € 95,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Writing Royal Entries in Early Modern Europe

Marie-Claude Canova-Green, Jean Andrews, Marie-France Wagner (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-53602-6 EER 3 | 2013 € 140,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55784-7 € 140,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Republicanism, Sinophilia, and Historical Writing

Thomas Gordon (c.1691–1750) and his ‘History of England’ Giovanni Tarantino
ISBN 978-2-503-53684-2 EER 4 | 2013 € 155,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55785-4 € 155,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Diseases of the Imagination and Imaginary Disease in the Early Modern Period

Yasmin Haskell (ed)
ISBN 978-2-503-52796-3 EER 2 | 2012 € 115,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-55782-3 € 115,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)

Sociability and its Discontents

Civil Society, Social Capital, and their Alternatives in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe Nicholas Eckstein, Nicholas Terpstra (eds)
ISBN 978-2-503-52473-3 EER 1 | 2010 € 75,00 EXCL.VAT  (Hardback) ISBN 978-2-503-53760-3 € 75,00 EXCL. VAT   (E-book)