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Durham Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Translations

Editors: David Ashurst Neil Cartlidge
Publishing Manager: Rosie Bonté
Publisher: Pontifical Inst. of Mediaeval Studies
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Cultural History, Religious history, Political history, Medieval literature, Translation, Literary history and criticism, From Middle Ages to Early Moderntiy


Durham Medieval and Renaissance Texts in Translation, edited by David Ashurst and Neil Cartlidge, provides free-standing, high-quality translation into English from any medieval language, Latin, Greek and vernaculars (especially, French, Spanish, German, Old and Middle English, Old Norse and Italian). It responds to the need to convey literary and historical resources from one language, discipline or culture to those who work on other areas, and, above all, for teaching purposes. Any text within the period c.350–c.1620, in any language, will be considered. Please contact Dr David Ashurst or Dr Neil Cartlidge.


    Internal Evaluation and Peer Review

    When a complete manuscript is submitted, it is examined by members of the publications department and, where appropriate, by the relevant series editors. If the preliminary impression is favourable, the manuscript is sent to two independent external readers for appraisal.

    No decision to publish can be made without the recommendation of the two readers or of any further readers the department may appoint. If the readers give only qualified approval, consideration for publication will go forward once the author has revised the work (or answered any objections).

    The final decision to publish rests with the Institute’s Manuscript Review Committee, a group of senior scholars charged with maintaining the integrity of the PIMS imprint.

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