Journal Liber Annuus, vol. 71

Liber Annuus 71 (2021, publ. 2022)

Annual of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (Jerusalem)

  • Pages: 614 p.
  • Size:170 x 240 mm
  • Illustrations:137 b/w, 9 tables b/w.
  • Language(s):Italian, English, German
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 979-12-5471-025-8
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    Il compito, il permesso, il divieto e la punizione (Gen 2,15-17) (Anto Popović)
    Die Dynamik des werdenden Volkes Abrahams in Gen 12–25 (David Volgger)
    La calunnia di Miriam: rilievi su Numeri 12 (Marco Settembrini)
    La beauté poético-musicale des psaumes au service de la théologie : le cas du Ps 85 (Jean Paul René Ondoua Omgba)
    The verbless sentence of Biblical Hebrew: a grammatical and a text-linguistic reading (Vasile A. Condrea)
    Perfetti o misericordiosi? (Mt 5,48 // Lc 6,36) (Matteo Munari)
    Eine notwendige Alternative? Eine »inklusive« Interpretation von ὡς παιδίον (Mk 10,15) (Francesco Filannino)
    Luke’s Skillful Account of the Unsuccessful Inaugural Speech in Nazareth: A Narrative Study of Luke 4:16-30 (Piotr Blajer)
    Function and Purpose of the Five Major Travel Notices in Luke: The Structure of the Lukan Journey Section Reconsidered (Piotr Blajer)
    1Ts 2,1–3,13: una periautologia paracletica (Leonardo Giuliano)
    La Scrittura parla forse per invidia? Gc 4,5 e l’esigenza dell’amore di Dio (Elisa Chiorrini)
    The so-called Syrian clay mortars with stamp inscriptions: general classification and first edition or re-edition of some exemplars (Tomislav Vuk)
    Base di un ambone d’epoca bizantina con iscrizione nel Terra Sancta Museum (Rosario Pierri)
    A new reconstruction of the church at Ḥorbat Ḥanot in the Judean Shephelah (Benyamin Storchan & Roy Albag)
    The Roman Villa in Eretz Israel: A Solution for Agrarian and Historical Problems (Shimon Dar)
    Four New Burial Inscriptions and a Survey of the Nessana Necropolis (Avner Ecker, Pablo Betzer & Leah Di Segni)
    The Changing Fashion of Belt Accessories in the Southern Levant: Sixth- to Seventh-Century Belt Accessories from Shivta (Ádám Bollók & Yotam Tepper)
    Asklepios, Helios, Hygieia and Sarapis in the Decapolis (Asher Ovadiah & Sonia Mucznik)
    Between Rulers and Rebels: The Glass Finds from the Mountain Palace-Fortress at Herodium (Ruth E. Jackson-Tal, Rachel Chachy, Yakov Kalman, Ehud Netzer, Gideon Foerster & Roi Porat)

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