Book Series Women of the Past, vol. 1

Women of the Past, Issues for the Present

Nina Javette Koefoed, Rubina Raja (eds)

  • Pages: approx. 235 p.
  • Size:216 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:14 b/w, 19 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2024

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-60947-8
  • Paperback
  • Forthcoming (Jun/24)


This ambitious series offer a new forum for studies on women of the past and will include edited as well as sole authored volumes written by scholars from a wide range of disciplines.


Nina Koefoed is professor of History and head of department of History and Classical Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark. She has published widely on Early Modern Households, the impact of religion on the Early Modern Danish Society, and nineteenth-century suffrage and gendered citizenship.

Rubina Raja is professor of Classical Archaeology and Art and director of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for Urban Network Evolutions at Aarhus University, Denmark. She has published widely on urbanism in the ancient world, iconography, ancient religion and the historiography of archaeology.


The roles played by women in history, and even the very idea of what it is to be female, have always been in flux, changing over centuries, between cultures, and in response to diverse social and economic parameters. Even today, women’s roles and women’s rights continue to face changes and pressures. The ambition of this series is to build on the profound theoretical and empirical developments that have taken place over the last fifty years of gender-focused research and to explore them in a contemporary context.

The aim of this series is to shed light on not just the outstanding and extraordinary women who were trendsetters of their time, but also the not quite so outstanding women, often overshadowed by outstanding men, and the ordinary women, those who simply went about their everyday life and kept their world turning in their own quiet way. This edited volume, Women of the Past, Issues for the Present, is the inaugural volume of the series and shows the wide span of the series chronologically, geographically, and socially in terms of the research presented. From Roman slaves to Viking women, and from medieval wet-nurses to the nineteenth-century wives who supported their archaeologist husbands on excavation, this groundbreaking volume opens a new vista in our understanding of the past.


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Women of the Past: Issues for the Present (introduction)
Nina Javette Koefoed and Rubina Raja

1. Gendered Mobility in the Ancient Mediterranean: Getting Rid of Faceless and Sexless Crowds
Lien Foubert

2. Daughter of Caesar, Wife of Pompey: The Role and Narratives of Julia Caesaris
Trine Arlund Hass and Sine Saxkjær

3. The Trafficking of the Enslaved: Women and Children in the Legal Documents from the Roman Empire
Nathanael Andrade

4. An Examination of the Concepts of Sex and Gender and their Application to Viking-Age and Old Norse Society
Alexandra Sanmark

5. Wet-Nurses and Verbs: Methodological Experiences of Studying Gender and Work in Early Modern Europe
Jonas Lindström and Karin Hassan Jansson

6. Women in Trade: Female Advertisers in Eighteenth-Century French Provincial Towns
Anne Montenach

7. Working Girls: Girlhood, Mobility and Gender in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Deborah Simonton

8. Elite Women’s Spaces and Practices of Letter-Writing in Late Eighteenth-Century Denmark
Kristine Dyrmann

9. Will, Wisdom, Values, Life’s Works, and Networks
Birgitte Possing

10. Gabriele Rohde and the Transformation of Mid-Twentieth-Century Diplomacy
Karen Gram-Skjoldager

11.‘This Is a Man’s World’: Female Team Members in Jerash in the Early Twentieth Century and Some Notes on the Societal Contextualization of Research Interest Development
Rubina Raja