Book Series Speculum musicae, vol. 43

Singing Speech and Speaking Melodies

Minor Forms of Musical Theatre in the 18th and 19th Century

María Encina Cortizo, Michela Niccolai (eds)

  • Pages: xiv + 562 p.
  • Size:210 x 270 mm
  • Illustrations:25 b/w
  • Language(s):English, Spanish, French
  • Publication Year:2021

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-59543-6
  • Hardback
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This volume explores the different minor forms of musical theatre in the 18th and 19th century.


María Encina Cortizo is Professor of Musicology at the University of Oviedo (Spain), coordinating the ‘Erasmus’ Research Group. Her main field of research is zarzuela and Spanish opera in the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

Michela Niccolai is a Lecturer at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and research associate at Laboratoire de Musicologie (ULB, Bruxelles) and at IHRIM (Université Lyon 2). Her research interests include the cabaret-shadow theatre and music-hall in French music production, opera staging, and music and politics in Third Republic France and in Fascist Italy.


This volume addresses the complex variety of stage works with sung and spoken sections, such as «vaudeville», «singspiel», «opéra-comique», «zarzuela» or «operetta» in different European countries from the eighteenth century to the beginning of the Twenties. Beyond a multifaceted perspective, twenty-one essays investigate the nature of these musical theatre forms, attending their origins, literary sources, relationships, vocality or cultural transfers, features that in some cases have made them become a mass phenomenon. The dissemination and adaptation of these genres through different national contexts, confirms the significance of the long-standing relationship between them and the contemporary dramatical and musical repertoire, revealing significant synergies, always conditioned by the market evolution.


María Encina Cortizo – Michela Niccolai


Danielle L. Herrington
Sensibilité, Self-Sacrifice, and the Sentimental: Examining Jacques-Marie Boutet de Monvel and Nicolas Dalayrac’s Ideological Diversion
Philippe et Georgette (1791) at the Salle Favart
Bertrand Porot
«Un petit récitatif sans accompagnement»: les vaudevilles à l’opéra-comique, nouvelles perspectives
Roberto Scoccimarro
L’opéra-comique come creazione collettiva: La Prisonnière (1799),Bayard à Mézières (1814), La Marquise de Brinvilliers (1831)
William Osmond
«En Hollandais, s’il vous plaît!»: Singing and Reciting French comédie-vaudeville in Amsterdam (1830s)

SINGSPIEL and Operetta

Andrea Horz
Johann Adam Hiller’s Lottchen am Hofe: Contextualising Singspiel in French Traditions
Marijana Kokanovic Markovic – Lada Durakovic
The Place and Significance of the Opera Kukuška (Tatjana) in Franz Lehár’s Opus
Angeliki Kordellou
The Contribution of Spiridon-Filiskos Samaras (1861-1917) to the Greek Operetta

ZARZUELA and Vocality in Spain

Luis Antonio González Marín
¿Actrices o cantantes? Aspectos de la vocalidad en el teatro musical de José de Nebra
María Encina Cortizo
The Spanish zarzuela in the 19th Century: French Patterns, Italian Harmonies and Theatrical Hispanic Tradition
Ramón Sobrino
The Emergence of the revista de actualidades and the sainete lírico:
Main Patterns of the género chico in the teatro por horas in Spain (1868-1901)

Andrea García Torres
Discursos literarios sobre el género chico: funcionamiento, recepción
y controversias ideológicas entre el contexto local e internacional

Zoila Martínez Beltrán
The Music of Spain (1918) by Carl Van Vechten.Focusing on Spanish Coloratura Singers

Portuguese Musical Theatre

Catarina Ribeiro Braga
The Role of Amateur Societies in the Dissemination of Operetta and Music Theatre in Portugal in the Late Nineteenth Century
David Cranmer
Musical Theatre in Portugal and Brazil of the Ancien régime

Questions of Genre

Jana Franková
From a Comedy to an opéra-comique: The Clandestine Marriage (1766) by Colman and Garrick and Its Adaptations in the 18th-Century Musical Theatre
Adela Presas
Zarzuela y opereta: formatos dramático-musicales en un acto en la frontera crítica del siglo xviii al xix
Trevor Penoyer-Kulin
Opérette, opéra-comique, and the Field of Operatic Production
Francesc Cortès
De Barcelona al Parnaso: traducciones y adaptaciones de óperas bufas y operetas francesas en Barcelona
Víctor Sánchez Sánchez
La zarzuela en las compañías de opereta italiana
José Ignacio Suárez García
Parodias españolas sobre Tannhaüser (1890)
Sylvie Douche
L’entre-deux déclamatoire ou le mélodrame français du xixe siècle

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