Book Series Subartu, vol. 47

Interdisciplinary Research on the Bronze Age Diyala

Proceedings of the Conference Held at the Paris Institute for Advanced Study, 25–26 June, 2018

Carlos Gonçalves, Cécile Michel (eds)

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  • Language(s):English, French
  • Publication Year:2022

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Carlos Gonçalves is Associate Professor of History of Science at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. His main interests in Assyriology are the history of mathematics and the Diyala region during the Old Babylonian period.

Cécile Michel is Senior Researcher at CNRS (Nanterre, France) and Professor at Hamburg University (Germany). As an Assyriologist, her work focuses on second millennium Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform texts.


The Diyala region in eastern Iraq has long been a focal area of study for scholars of the Bronze Age, thanks both to its long history of human occupation, and its position as a site of strategic importance. Drawing on this strong tradition of scholarship and the results of numerous excavations and collections in the area, the seven contributions gathered in this volume aim to offer new insights into the cultures and societies of the Bronze Age Diyala by proposing new questions, problems, and approaches. Exploring subjects as widespread as architecture and iconography, cultural and economic history, the study of social networks, historiography, and the identification of ancient cities, these chapters explore the richness of the Bronze Age Diyala from a range of perspectives, and together offer important new insights into our understanding of the area.


Current Research on the Bronze Age Diyala: An Introduction — CÉCILE MICHEL

Old Babylonian Ešnunna: A Historiographical Case — DOMINIQUE CHARPIN

La Diyala au Louvre ou le reflet d’une certaine historiographie — ARIANE THOMAS

Reconstructing the Temple Oval of Khafajah — PHILIPPE QUENET

From the Diyala to Ur, Passing by Mari, Kiš and the Jazira — SOPHIE CLUZAN

A New Text from Tell Sulayma – Diyala Region — AHMAD KAMIL MOHAMMED

The Diyala Region as a Linchpin in Early Old Babylonian Trade Networks: A View from Sippar — RIENTS DE BOER

Social Network Analysis, Homonyms, and Aliases in the Old Babylonian Diyala: A Study of the Archive of Nūr-Šamaš — CARLOS GONÇALVES