Journal Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale, vol. 62

Bulletin de philosophie médiévale 62 (2020, publ. 2021)

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  • Language(s):French, English, Italian
  • Publication Year:2021

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    The Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale is the annual journal of the Société Internationale de Philosophie Médiévale (S.I.E.P.M.). This journal acts as an irreplaceable reference work for all those who wish to keep themselves informed about research, projects, and conferences in the field of medieval philosophy. The Bulletin focuses mainly on studies and critical editions of unpublished medieval philosophical texts.

    Le Bulletin de Philosophie Médiévale est la revue annuelle de la Société Internationale de Philosophie Médiévale (S.I.E.P.M.). Cette revue joue un rôle irremplaçable en tant que publication de référence pour tous ceux qui souhaitent être tenus informés des programmes de recherche, des projets en cours et des conférences dans ce domaine scientifique. La revue a pour principal objet l’étude et l’édition critique de textes philosophiques médiévaux inédits.


    I. Recherches et notes

    Irene Caiazzo, Medieval Commentaries on Boethius’s De arithmetica: A Provisional Handlist

    Riccardo Saccenti, Deepening the Senses of the Word. A Survey of Parisian Theological Sources 1160-1250

    Maria Cabré-Duran, Antonius Andreae and the Concept of Science in His Commentary on Metaphysics.Transcription of Book VI, q. 1-6 (Oxford, Oriel College, ms. 65)

    Cal Ledsham, Newly-Identifi ed Scholastic Works in Cambridge, Caius and Gonville College, ms. 290/682

    Aurora Panzica, Henricus Totting de Oyta’s and Nicole Oresme’s Commentaries on Meteorology: Some New Identifi cations in Eastern Europe

    Luigi Campi, Is Perfection of this World? A Quaestio on Creatures’ Perfection in Terms of Propinquity to or Distance from the First Being, Ascribed to Matěj of Knín

    Guy Guldentops, Nicolaus Ellenbog’s “Apologia for the Astrologers”: A Benedictine’s View on Astral Determinism

    Christopher D. Schabel, Cal Ledsham, Robert Holcot’s De imputabilitate peccati is actually Osbert of Pickenham’s Utrum omne peccatum sit imputabile voluntati

    II. Congrès terminés

    Giovanni Gambi, Chiara Maurelli, Padova: “La dottrina dell’analogia dell’essere nella Metafisica di Aristotele e i suoi sviluppi nel pensiero tardo-antico e medievale”

    Giulio Navarra, Porto: “XXIV convegno della SISPM: Finzione nel discorso fi losofi co medievale”

    Georgi Kapriev, Varna: “24th Annual Colloquium of the S.I.E.P.M.: The Dionysian Traditions”

    Andreas Speer, Georgi Kapriev, Varna: “EGSAMP Summer School. Die dionysischen Traditionen

    Christoph Grellard, Magali Roques, Sonja Schierbaum, Hamburg: “Motivation and Normativity of Practical Reasons: Moral Philosophy in the 14th Century”

    Edit Anna Lukács, Trento: “Itinerari del pensiero medievale” (Francesca Bonini) VII 1 3 15 91 169 195 213 251 335 339 341 353 367 376 380 388 VI Table des matières (7) Cluj-Napoca: “Decoding a Medieval Notebook: The Case Study of ms. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, A X 44”

    Michele Meroni, Milano: “Filosofi a e medicina in Italia fra Medioevo e prima età moderna”

    Elisa Bisanti, Wolfenbüttel: “Aktuelle Fragen der Edition in transdisziplinärer Perspektive”

    Marta Borgo, Paris: “Les démons au Moyen Âge”

    Pascale Bermon, Dominique Poirel, Paris: “La femme au Moyen Âge”

    III. Informations concernant la SIEPM

    IV. Tables