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Other Monasticisms

Studies in the History and Architecture of Religious Communities Outside the Canon, 11th - 15th Centuries

Sheila Bonde, Clark Maines (eds)

  • Pages: iv + 370 p.
  • Size:220 x 280 mm
  • Illustrations:20 b/w, 76 col., 8 tables b/w., 10 maps b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58784-4
  • Hardback
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Other Monasticisms considers the art, architecture and history of eight important, but little studied, religious congregations of the middle ages in France and Italy.


“ Der Blick auf ein »anderes Mönchtum« macht die Erforschung der mittelalterlichen Orden nicht einfacher, soviel scheint sicher. Doch es liegt nun ein Band vor, der einen wichtigen Beitrag leistet

für das Schließen der vielen Forschungslücken zwischen den Geschichten der großen Klosterverbände.“ (Norbert Nußbaum, in Francia-Recensio, 1, 2023)

"Vorliegender, hervorragend gestalteter und mit einer großen Anzahl qualitativ hochwertiger Farbfotographien versehener Band umfasst neun Beiträge, zu denen sich eine Einleitung der Herausgeber gesellt." (Ralf Lützelschwab, in Sehepunkte, 23/9, 2023)

“Overall, the volume complements the more usual treatments of monasticism in the central Middle Ages. This is a work well worth the massive efforts that saw it to completion. It has changed our view of medieval monasticism. Classic studies on medieval monasticism will need to take notice—as will our lectures. Bravo to all.” (Constance Hoffman Berman, in Church History, 2023, p.702)

“The book is beautifully produced and recommended here for its copious  bliographies and images as well as its contents.” (JULIAN LUXFORD, in Medieval Archaeology, 67/2, 2023, p. 524)



Sheila Bonde is Christopher Chan and Michelle Ma Professor of the History of Art and Professor of Archaeology at Brown University

Clark Maines is Professor of Art History, Professor of Archaeology and Kenan Professor of the Humanities (Emeritus) at Wesleyan University


Monasteries contributed to every aspect of life during the middle ages, from the structures monks built, to land management, craft production to the intellectual and spiritual life of the medieval world. There were more than 300 orders or congregations in existence during the middle ages, yet scholarship considers only a small number of them (notably Cistercians and Cluniacs), and privileges selected sites, such as Mont Saint-Michel, San Francesco in Assisi or Christ Church in Canterbury. This volume considers the history and architecture of other congregations that are essential to a more complete understanding of monasticism in the European middle ages: Augustinians, lesser known Benedictines, Carthusians, Celestines, Clarissans, and Tironensians in France, as well as the Camaldolese and Vallombrosans in Italy.


1. Introduction: Other Monasticisms and the Question of Representivity
Sheila Bonde (Brown University) and Clark Maines (Wesleyan University)

2. The French Celestine "network" (ca. 1350-1450): cross-order and lay collaboration in late medieval monastic reform.
Robert Shaw (Independent Scholar)

3. Sainte-Croix-sous-Offémont: An archaeological and architectural perspective on the Celestine order.
Arthur Panier (University of Paris I and Free University of Brussels)

4. The abbey of Tiron in the later middle ages: some observations
Kathleen Thompson (University of Sheffield)

5. La Sainte-Trinité de Tiron in the Context of Eremitism in Western France
Sheila Bonde (Brown University) and Clark Maines (Wesleyan University)

6. The Illumination of the Eye, and the Rhetoric of Sanctity and Contemplative Prayer in the Early to Central Middle Ages.
Susan Wade (Keene State University)

7. The Archdiocese of Reims: Tradition, and Benedictine Reform in the Twelfth Century.
Kyle Killian (Florida State University)

8. Overlapping Space and Temporal Access in the Chartreuse de Champmol.
Laura Chilson-Parks (Brown University)

9. Reconstructing an Order: The Architecture of Isabelle of France’s Abbey at Longchamp.
Erica Kinias (Brown University)

10. Vallombrosan and Camaldolese: Architecture and Identity in Two Italian Reform Orders.
Erik Gustafson, (Washington and Lee University)

11. Augustinian Architecture in France: Aesthetic Restraint within a Regional Frame.
Sheila Bonde (Brown University) and Clark Maines (Wesleyan University)