Journal The Mediaeval Journal, vol. 10.2

The Mediaeval Journal 10:2 (2020)

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  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2022

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    The Mediaeval Journal is a distinctively European-based cross-disciplinary and multinational journal of Mediaeval Studies published in English in both print and online formats. Featuring the work of specialists in all areas of Mediaeval Studies, it offers wide disciplinary coverage in every issue and welcomes submissions from the worldwide community of mediaevalists in traditional disciplines such as Art History, History, Archaeology, Theology, European Languages/Literatures (including English), as well as burgeoning areas such as Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Manuscript Studies, Mediaevalisms, Material Culture, History of Medicine and Science, History of Ideas, Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Musicology, to name a few. Each issue of The Mediaeval Journal also contains timely and expert reviews responding to the variety and energy of scholarship across the world of Mediaeval Studies. The General Editors are pleased to receive submissions in any of the above areas, and to respond to queries from potential contributors.

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    The Handwriting of Diplomacy — GIULIA BIAGIONI

    Holy macharoni?’ Miracles Encouraging Participation in the Bianchi Devotions of 1399 — ALEXANDRA R. A. LEE

    Unmanageable Women: Enclosure and Transgression in Christine de Pizan’s Livre de la Cité des dames — GAYLE FALLON

    Home And Away: The Networks Of Cistercian Abbots Of The Whitland Family, Wales, c. 1480 To c. 1520 — JANET BURTON


    Bishops And The Politics Of Patronage In Merovingian Gaul, by Gregory I. Halfond — CATHERINE-ROSE HAILSTONE

    Felony And The Guilty Mind In Medieval England, by Elizabeth Papp Kamali — TOM LAMBERT

    Caliphs And Merchants: Cities And Economies Of Power In The Near East (700–950), by Fanny Bessard — HARRY MUNT

    Monarchs And Hydrarchs: The Conceptual Development Of Viking Activity Across The Frankish Realm (C. 750–940), by Christian CooijmansCAITLIN ELLIS

    On Hospitals: Welfare Law, And Christianity In Western Europe, 400–1320, by Sethina Watson — MARTIAL STAUB

    Preachers, Partisans, And Rebellious Religion: Vernacular Writing And The Hussite Movement, by Marcela K. Perett — STEPHEN LAHEY

    Punishment and Medieval Education Ben Parsons — SARAH B. LYNCH

    A Middle English Version of the Circa Instans, Edited from Cambridge, CUL, MS Ee.1.13 Ed. Edurne Garrido-Anes — KATIE L. WALTER

    A Christian Mannes Bileeve edited from Washington, Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections, MS 4 Ed. Nicole D. Smith AND The Fifteen Oes and Other Prayers edited from the Text Published by William Caxton (1491)

    Ed. Alexandra Barratt and Susan Powell — NIAMH PATTWELL