Journal The Mediaeval Journal, vol. 3:2

The Mediaeval Journal 3:2 (2013)

  • Pages: 189 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:17 b/w, 3 col.
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2013

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    Jerusalem behind Walls: Enclosure, Substitute Pilgrimage, and Imagined Space in the Poor Clares’ Convent at Villingen — MARIE-LUISE EHRENSCHWENDTNER

    The Iconography of ‘Husband-Beating’ on Late Medieval English Misericords — BETSY L. CHUNKO

    A Living Language of the Dead? French Commemorative Inscriptions from Late Medieval England — DAVID GRIFFITH

    ‘I am here’: Reading Julian of Norwich in Nineteenth-Century New England — ALLAN F. WESTPHALL


    Empires of Faith: The Fall of Rome to the Rise of Islam, 500–700 (by Peter Sarris) — IAN WOOD

    Testamenti di donne a Bergamo nel medioevo. Pergamene dall’archivio della Misericordia Maggiore di Bergamo (secoli xiii–xiv) (ed. by M. T. Brolis and A. Zonca) — ELEONORA RAVA

    Medieval Life: Archaeology and the Life Course (by Roberta Gilchrist) — CHRISTOPHER GERRARD

    Dating the Passion: The Life of Jesus and the Emergence of Scientific Chronology (200–1600) (by C. Philipp E. Nothaft) — IMMO WARNTJES

    The Seljuks of Anatolia: Court and Society in the Medieval Middle East (by Andrew Peacock and Sara Nur Yıldız) — KONRAD HIRSCHLER

    The Great Beginning of Cîteaux: A Narrative of the Beginning of the Cistercian Order. The Exordium Magnum of Conrad of Eberbach (trans. by Benedicta Ward and Paul Savage, ed., by E. Rozanne Elder) — JANET BURTON

    The Béguine, the Angel, and the Inquisitor: The Trials of Marguerite Porete and Guiard of Cressonessart (by Sean Field) — HANNAH SKODA

    Marie de France: A Critical Companion (by Sharon Kinoshita and Peggy McCracken) — MIRANDA GRIFFIN

    Death at Court (ed. by Karl-Heinz Spieß and Immo Warntjes) — DANIELLE WESTERHOF

    Mixed Metaphors: The ‘Danse Macabre’ in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (ed. by Sophie Oosterwijk and Stephanie Knöll) — LARISSA TRACY