Journal European Medieval Drama, vol. 24

European Medieval Drama 24 (2020)

  • Pages: 260 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:13 b/w
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58726-4
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    List of Illustrations, Foreword Entertainment and the Percys at Petworth: An Overview of the Records * Robert Alexander

    The Tradition and the Text: Re-Assessing the Relationship between Performance and Documentation in Della Representatione et festa di Siena per essa absolutione * Jenna Soleo-Shanks

    The Fifteenth-Century Florentine ‘sacra rappresentazione’ * Paola Ventrone

    A Biblical Story for Two Stages: Abraham and Isaac in Fifteenth-Century Florence and York * Pietro Delcorno, Charlotte Steenbrugge

    Correspondences between the Florentine St  Martin Play and the Ghirlandaio Frescoes in the Chapel of the Buonomini di San Martino * Martin W. Walsh

    Comic Interludes within Swiss Saint Plays * Heidy Greco-Kaufmann

    Two Perspectives on a ‘Wrong Saint’: Ein Dialogus oder Gespreche von dem absterben Friderici Staphyli (1564) * Cora Dietl

    Drama and Debate: Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo virtutum in the Context of Allegorical Debate Literature * Dinah Wouters

    ‘Wyth point of penaunce I schl hym prene’: Weaponised Conversion in Medieval Allegorical Drama’ * Mark Chambers

    John Redford’s Wit and Science: Costuming Allegory * Elisabeth Dutton

    D’objets et de paroles dans Le Jeu de la Feuillée: La matérialité d’une pièce du xiiie siècle * María Pilar Suárez