Book Series Studia Artistarum, vol. 44

John of Garland

John of Garland’s De triumphis Ecclesie

A new critical edition with introduction and translation

Martin Hall (ed)

  • Pages: 417 p.
  • Size:156 x 234 mm
  • Illustrations:10 col.
  • Language(s):English, Latin
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58511-6
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  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58512-3
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New edition and first ever translation of John of Garland’s account of his times.


"La nouvelle édition De triumphis Ecclesie que nous offre Martin Hall dans la collection Studia artistarum et qu'il accompagne d'une traduction anglaise, première traduction dans l'histoire de ce texte, a le mérite et l'ambition de mieux faire connaître Jean de Garlande au grand public. (...) Une précieuse édition donc pour un non moins fascinant texte." (Bénédicte Sère, in Sehepunkte, 11.21.2021)

“Overall, Martin’s Hall’s edition and translation of John of Garland’s De triumphis Ecclesie will be important not only for those academics who wish to mine it for the many topics it casts light on, but also (and just as importantly) for teaching. Indeed, this book will serve as an invaluable and accessible tool for introducing students to medieval scholasticism, forms of historical writing, and contemporary attitudes towards religious reform, alterity, and crusading. In this, Brepols are also to be lauded, firstly for supporting the creation of a facing-page translation (and thus ensuring the text has value outside of advanced historical research), and secondly for producing the book to such a high degree of quality, while also remaining comparatively affordable. Whomsoever reads this book will, therefore, be deeply rewarded.” (Andrew D. Buck, in Nottingham Medieval Studies, 66, 2022, p. 216)


From a classical start, Martin Hall has developed a close interest in medieval history, especially the Crusades and the incipient universities, together with contemporary Latin. He cares passionately about accurate, understandable texts as a key starting point for historians. He hopes this book will introduce John of Garland to a bigger audience. He also published M. A. Hall & J. R. Phillips, Caffaro, Genoa and the Twelfth-Century Crusades (Farnham, 2013). He is an Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary, University of London.


This is the first translation in any language of John of Garland’s poem about the historical events of his lifetime (c. 1195- c. 1258), together with revised Latin text, introduction and notes. This work gives a vivid picture of Anglo-French relations, of studies in Toulouse after the Albigensian Crusade, and of the need for faith following Louis’ catastrophic defeat in the Seventh Crusade. John gives us insights into his own life, and a stream of stories, holy and profane. The translation and notes bring to life for a wide range of medievalists this eye-witness account by an Englishman in France of major events of the age, especially 1242-52. They make clear John’s debts to classical authors and to contemporaries, especially Alan of Lille and Matthew Paris. Through re-ordering the lines, this edition now generates clarity from the single manuscript. It also offers fresh insights and a new perspective on John of Garland himself.



Chapter 1. Life and Works of John of Garland

Chapter 2. The Manuscript Tradition and Previous Scholarship

Chapter 3. De triumphis Ecclesie

Chapter 4. Literary Influences and Sources

Chapter 5. John's Teaching and Preaching

Chapter 6. ‘Arma crucemque cano’: Church and Crusade

Chapter 7. The Main Political Sub-Plots

Chapter 8. Countering the ‘Other’: Heretics, Mongols, Jews, and Muslims

Chapter 9. The Seenth Crusade (1248-54)

Chapter 10. Conclusions

Critical Edition (with translation on facing pages)

Guide to the text



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