Book Series Berliner Turfantexte, vol. 44

Buddhāvataṃsaka literature in Old Uyghur

Abdurishid Yakup (ed)

  • Pages: 536 p.
  • Size:210 x 297 mm
  • Illustrations:56 col.
  • Language(s):English, Uygur
  • Publication Year:2021

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58418-8
  • Paperback
  • Available


Received his PhD from Central University of Nationalities (Beijing) in 1996 and Doctor of Literature from Kyoto University in 2000, specialized in Central Asian philology and Altaic linguistics, author and co-author of 13 monographs and more than 80 scientific papers and book chapters, currently is head of Turfan Research Group, Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor and dean of School of Minority Languages and Literatures of Minzu University of China, Beijing.


This volume presents an edition of the Buddhāvataṃsaka literature in Old Uyghur mainly focusing on the fragments of the Buddhāvataṃsaka sūtra in eighty volumes and the Buddhāvataṃsaka sūtra in fourty volumes kept in the Berlin Turfan collection in close consultation of the fragments of both texts kept in Dunhuang, Kyoto, St. Petersburg and Taibei. It also includes an edition of other Old Uyghur texts, e.g. verse composition and verse translation of the last chapter of the Buddhāvataṃsaka sūtra in fourty volumes by the famous Old Uyghur translator and poet Anzang, fragments of a commentary to the Buddhāvataṃsaka sūtra and other texts which can be classified to the Buddhāvataṃsaka literature.