Journal Romance Philology, vol. 73/1

Romance Philology 73/1 (Spring 2019)

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  • Publication Year:2019

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    Special Issue in memoriam
    Eduardo Blasco Ferrer
    (15 June 1956 - 12 January 2017)

    Preface – Jerry R. Craddock
    Dialect Variation and the Methodology of Linguistic Reconstruction: Eduardo Blasco Ferrer in Translation – Barbara De Marco

    Necrologia d’Eduard Blasco – Joan Armangué
    Eduardo Blasco Ferrer: els Archipèlecs d’un Romaniste – Xavier Ballester
    Ammentu pro Eduardo Blasco Ferrer – Mauro Maxia
    Edoardo Blasco Ferrer (Barçelloña, 1956 – Bastia, 2017) – Fiorenzo Toso

    Selected Articles by Eduardo Blasco Ferrer
    Notes on Folk Semantics in Sardinian (noematic fields, hapax legomena, toponyms, and other cruces)
    Spain and Italy: New Languages in Turmoil
    Africa, Sardinia, Sicily: Consistencies and Idiosyncracies in pre-Roman, Latin, Greek, and Arabic
    When the Ostrogoths Got Drunk and Stole the Horses at Dorgali
    Historical Dialectology and Linguistic Variation. A Representative Case of the Restoration of Dialect Progenitors
    Etymology and Ethnolinguistics: Animal Kinship Terms and Totemism in Sardinia
    Diachronic Aspects of Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Variation in Tabarchino
    A Second Assessment of Catalanisms in the Dialects of Southern Italy and Sardinia
    Aragonese: Typology and Classification
    Names in Sardinian and Italian. Methodological Questions in Toponomastic Research: Sardinian Mele, Mela(s), Mula(s); Italian Miele, Ortu, Manno, Barisone, Salusi
    *Ortunbeleś and Neitin iunstir: Paleo-sardic Contributions to the Interpretation of Iberian
    A First Assessment of the Iberian (Catalan and Spanish) Superstrate in Gallurese
    Two New Proofs of Historical and Linguistic Convergence and Divergence between Sardinia and Corsica

    I. List of Works Published
    II. Select Bibliography
    III. Index to Linguistica Sarda: Storia, Metodi, Problemi