Journal Peritia, vol. 30

Peritia - Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, Volume 30 (2019)

  • Pages: 319 p.
  • Size:178 x 254 mm
  • Language(s):English
  • Publication Year:2020

  • ISBN: 978-2-503-58296-2
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    Peritia is devoted to the advancement of medieval studies in the broadest sense and welcomes contributions from all disciplines. The journal has a strong publication record in archaeology, computistics, hagiography, history, law and literature. While Peritia enjoys a core strength in early medieval Ireland, this has never been the only focus. Other areas of research, in particular those related to the medieval west, are well-represented.

    La revue Peritia est consacrée aux avancements dans les études médiévales, au sens le plus large du terme (vu d’une perspective insulaire toutefois), incluant l’histoire, les langues, le droit (canonique et séculier), l’archéologie et les disciplines auxiliaires. Elle est particulièrement axée sur le latin insulaire, la saisie de données et la paléographie, et a fourni d’importantes contributions en hagiographie, l’histoire de l’art, l’archéologie, la littérature, le droit irlandais vernaculaire, et l’histoire du Moyen Âge Tardif. La revue comprend une section de comptes rendus vivante et de grande envergure. 


    Siobhán Barrett, The Concept of Célmaine in Blathmac’s Second Poem

    Bernhard Bauer, The Celtic Parallel Glosses on Bede’s De natura rerum

    Britton Elliott Brooks, St Cuthbert as Lamp: the Ideal Gregorian Monk-Pastor in Bede’s Vita metrica S. Cudbercti

    Marie Therese Flanagan, Negotiating across Legal and Cultural Borders: Aífe, Daughter of Diarmait Mac Murchada, King of Leinster, and Marriage, Motherhood and Widowhood in Twelfth-century Ireland and England

    Ben Guy: Rheinwg, The Lost Kingdom of South Wales

    Stefanie Hamann, Religious Thought in the Early Seventh Century as reflected in the Visio Fursei

    Jane Hawkes, Margaret Stokes and the Visual Translation of Early Medieval Monuments

    Nathan C. Millin, Emotional Communities and Religious Identity in Early Medieval Ireland

    Andrew Ó Donnghaile, An Overview of Inter-Territorial Law in Early Medieval Ireland

    Sarah Waidler, Sanctity and Intertextuality in Medieval Munster: The Unusual Life of Findchú of Brí Gobann

    Note: Griffin Murray, Thorgrim, the Killaloe Cross, and the Norwegian Campaign in Ireland in 1102–1103

    In Memoriam P. Édouard Jeauneau - Michael Herren 

    In Memoriam Richard Sharpe - Roy Flechner

    Review Article: Walter Dunphy, Pelagius and the Irish Exegesis of St Paul: A Neglected Witness